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Ghalat Village

The village of Ghalat, located northwest of Shiraz, is a really splendid ancient virgin site to both visit and hike. Due to its favorable climatic conditions and undiscovered lovely hills and mountains, this site has attracted the attention of many visitors even from abroad. Foreigners can spend one or two days familiarizing themselves with rural life and traditions and delicious local foods of the countryside. They can get acquainted with the handicrafts of this place which are Melki (shoes woven by hands), Mashk (container made of animal skin) and handmade wooden objects used in daily life. You may also get familiar with the old customs and habits of traditional life of the people such as wedding ceremony customs or burial habits of the village. The village has remained intact especially the northern part of it and that is what attracts a swarm of travelers from the outside regions. You can go hiking on the green hills and valleys of this old village. There are cafes and coffee shop which serve you local foods of the village and where you can have a rest or relax in a relaxed atmosphere away from dust and exhaust pollution. You can also hike to reach the waterfalls of his village shining in the heart of the rocky mountains providing the water of this village.
The sky of this village covers the earth like a clean turquoise blue sheet that gives everybody a calming sense or feeling. In spring and summer you can sit on the roof of the cafes or restaurants of this small village and enjoy looking at the nature, the azure sky, mountains with snow covered peaks, and listen to soothing traditional Iranian music. Its falls are really marvelous as the nature is like a painting palette full of colors of orange, red, brown and yellow.

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