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Forough Hotel Shiraz

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Address:Namazi intersection, Dastgheib Street, Shiraz, Iran.

Forough Boutique Hotel which is a three-star renovated mansion with 18 decorated rooms is located at the center of Shiraz city.This boutique hotel is small, but the cozy atmosphere and the quiet environment inside its rooms invite every body to stay at least a couple of nights. Besides its open courtyard, nice terraces, beautiful fountains and skillfully constructed artful tile works, this boutique hotel has the advantage of being close to major tourist attractions of Shiraz such as Shahe Cheragh and the Vakil Bazaar. The staff of this boutique accommodation speak English language fluently, and you can ask for help if you need any. Wish you a nice stay at this one of the nicest boutique hotels in Shiraz during your visit and completion of your top to do things list in Shiraz.

Forough Hotel Shiraz to Shahcheragh Holy Shrine. 12 min.walk.

Forough Hotel Shiraz to Pars Museum. 14 min.walk.

Forough Hotel Shiraz to Vakil Bazaar. 15 min.walk or 7 min by car.

Forough Hotel Shiraz to Nasir Al_Molk Mosque. 20 min.walk or 9 min by car.

Forough Hotel Shiraz to Naranjestan Qavam House. 10 min by car.

Forough Hotel Shiraz to Hafez Tomb. 16 min by car.

Forough Hotel Shiraz to Karandish Bus Terminal. 22 min by car.

Forough Hotel Shiraz to Shiraz Airport.26 min by car.

1)Check-in time of hotels is usually 14:00 and check-out time is 12:00 PM in Iran.
2)Pets are not normally allowed to enter hotels in Iran.
3)Tourists are permitted to stay in Iran’s hotels even if they are not married to each other by law.
4)In all hotels of Iran, breakfast is included in your night’s stay. But most hotels have restaurants also serving lunch and dinner, but the extra expenses should be paid by you.
In most hotels especially the hotels that have more than three stars, primary facilities such as TV, towel, soap, shampoo, sandals, brush, toothpaste and safety box exist and the minibar of the fridge include mineral water, juice and snack. Hotels are equipped with air conditioning depending on the season.


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