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Touristy Visa Extension Requirements: (Update October 2019)

·         Application must be presented personally by the applicant

·         An official request of the travel agency that has issued the visa. The request must include the reason for visa extension, itinerary of extension and applicant(s)’ information.

·         The applicant’s passport must be valid at least for 6 months from the date of arrival.

·          Application form which is in paper, must be filled out in immigration office (NAJA or police of foreigners).

·         Two personal photos

·         Payment receipt of visa extension fee which will be paid at bank in cash or by Iranian bank cards at the Visa police office (currently 345,000 Rials which may change).

·         A folder with the copy of first page of passport.


After preparing all your documents, try to be at the immigration office early in the morning (around 7:30 a.m). You can also take your personalphoto and make other copies in the office faster and easier.

  The first step is that your extension request must be accepted and signed by the visa officer to start your visa extension procedure. What is important in this step is that you justify your reasons for the visa extension to convince the officer.

 Next step comes up when your request is accepted:

  Filling out the form in two copies (it includes applicant personal information, the person supporting the applicant trip, current place of stay and address, exit border name, purpose of travel, etc.)

   Afterwards, make the payment.

  Take a copy of passport and the payment receipt.

   Pass all documents to visa police officer and wait for finalizing process (which sometimes takes an hour or a full day). Then you can collect your passport. There would be no new stamp in the passport.

Tips of visa extension:

* Try not to wear strange or offensive dress (due to Islamic rules).

* Nice positive attitude almost works. So, try to stay calm and patient in the immigration office.

* Do the bank payment in advance (the agency can manage it for you since you may not be able to fill in the bank forms in Persian. Also you May have no information about the bank account details and the price.

* Visa extension application is accepted only two or three days before the main visa expiration. So, please try not to send your application too early.

Address of the visa police offices in main cities :

Address : Shahr Ara St. Near Tuma Church

Tel : 0098 – 21 – 66935058

Address :  Manzariyeh, South Shariati Street , Saeb Ave

Tel : 0098 – 41 – 21825118

Shiraz :

Address : passport office Shiraz Iran

Tel : 0098 – 71 -21825564

Address : Rodaki St – The Immigration & Passport Police Head Office In Isfahan

Tel : 0098- 71- 21825563


Address : behind Nal Asbi (farhang ) Sqr

Tel : 0098 – 35 – 2183870 

Address :  First of Piruzi Blv

Tel: 0098 -051- 21825374

Address : Between Junctions of Kazemi and Arg – Molaem St. – Kerman

Tel : 0098- 34- 21824195 

Address :  Imam St.- Bandar abbas

Tel : 0098 – 76-  21821549

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