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Discover Iran

Discover Iran for yourself! Why Iran is home to treasures unlike any others on earth: The most misunderstood people in recent history by the outside world. The vibrant cities and laid back villages. The endless deserts of central kavir till endless lush and dazzling med terrain Caspian Sea, the tranquil waters of Kish island, till the summit of Dena and Damavand, the 2500 years old palaces of Persepolis and fascinating architecture of Isfahan, Hafiz and Saadi, Yazd and Shiraz, Kerman and Isfahan etc. But perhaps more than anything it is the ordinary people and their stories, their openness to you and their hospitality to everybody is what would make your trip an unforgettable one.

Discover Iran Highlights:

With 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and over 200 cultural and natural attractions throughout the country, Iran truly caters to everyone.

Discover Iran History:

Home to one of the first civilizations in the world, Iran’s history dates back 7,000 years. Founded in 3200 BC, it is the oldest country in the world.

Discover Iran Culture:

Iran’s fascinating culture consists of hospitable people, delicious foods, and arts like calligraphy, painting, weaving, and more.

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