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Desserts in Iran

Although we do have limited desserts in Iran, the concept of dessert did not exist. We have no Persian common word refereeing to dessert either.
Practically after the meals, one of the following may be served( since dessert is not a must in Iranian cuisine)
• Dates, or halvas made of dates,
• Halva
• fruits, melons specially

In the Iran culinary tour, you can cook and taste these desserts in Iran.


If we put aside the Iranian halva that contains dates, the remaining halvas are quite similar. Most halvas have a creamy and liquid texture while warm, they form into the bowl or plate, when they cool.
It’s almost safe to say they all contain rose water. Most have saffron as color and aroma. Sugar, oil, flower or starch, milk are the common ingredients. Decoration is usually cinnamon, sliced almonds and pistachios.

Halva zard

Halva zard means the yellow halva is an Iranian dessert. One of the very few Halvas that can be purchased in Ash stores.

Iranian dessert, Halva zard

Yellow halva, very popular halva


Shole zard

Shole zard is the most common sweet nazr in Iran. Shole zard is rice, sugar, oil, saffron, rose water, its is specially delicious just off the stove.

Iranian dessert, Shole zard

Shole zard, decorated with cinnamon, pistachio


Dates are a very common Iranian dessert

Iranian Dates

Iran is the second biggest producer of dates in the world. Iranian dates are softer and juicier than most Arabic dates. It is only cultivated in the south and south west of Iran. Date is highly consumed in the south of Iran, by traveling north the consumption decreases. Several halvas are made of dates. These halvas are very rich in nutrition and energy. Their ingredients is oil, flower, dates, nuts.


we cut the date open, place a quarter of walnut inside. we heat the flour until it turns brown and than add oil. After placing the filled dates in the serving plate, we pour the sauce over it. very delicious!


A delight with Iranian dates


Halva date

Iranian dessert

Iranian dessert, Halva made of dates


Date halva

Iranian dessert, date halva, including nuts

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