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Danger and Annoyance in Iran

Danger and Annoyance in Iran؟ Your first thought might be “Is Iran a safe enough for me to go?” Your answer is “Yes” of course it is, the simple way for you to find out is a Google search and check for topics on crime against the foreigners. But other than you searching the internet, let us tell you Iran is very safe especially for you out travelers. Iranians really care and respect for their travelers, they would go out of their way to make sure you feel like home.

We are not saying that Iran is absolutely safe and there is’t any Danger and Annoyance in Iran, but you always need to take a moderate caution in keeping your possessions in safe places, that goes for almost every country you visit.

Hotel safes are the best for passports, money and other important things you may have. Always carry limited cash with you, for example if you go for a daily walk.

Try not to visit for places by yourself especially if it is out of the city, it’s always best to have a Tour guide and driver with you so they can take you to where ever you like.

If you are traveling with you car or bike, you might want to make sure you are getting a hotel that has sufficient parking place and of course obviously safe.

Police are omnipresent, but importantly ordinary people would rush to your help if you really need to ask them. Komak is the Iranian world for help. if somebody annoys you , all what you need is to go to the closest shop next to you and tell the shop owner to whisk that guy away or call up police.

You need to be aware of scams. Never show your documents or money to strangers that pose as police, yet they don’t have official cloths or with the official police cars.

You don’t need to be worry if you are traveling with your girl friend or boy friend , nobody would ask you of the proof of your relationship. Hotels are totally cool about it , so are visa offices.

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