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Dad Hotel Yazd

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Address:Yazd Province, Yazd, No.214, Dahom Farvardin

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Dad Hotel Yazd

 Dad Hotel Yazd is a 4-star traditional hotel and located at the heart of the ancient city of Yazd among other famous Yazd attractions with wind-catchers (Badgir). You will surely experience one of your most memorable stays in one of the best Yazd hotels, which is Luxurious Dad Hotel Yazd . because this is where traditional hospitality and modern comforts are skillfully mixed together. From the roof, you can have a great view of the city.

Dad hotel Yazd has 88 rooms with Iranian classic decoration mixed with modern facilities such as wireless internet, pool, massage, handicraft shops, International and Iranian traditional restaurants, and various salons designed for holding special ceremonies.

Dad Hotel hotel was also nominated for the 2009 UNESCO Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation.


Top Things to Do in Yazd

Dad Hotel Yazd to Zoroastrian Fire Temple (850 meter ) 2 min by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Amir Chakhmaq Complex (1.2 km ) 3 min by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Jame Mosque Yazd  (2 km) 6min by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Dowlat Abad Garden  (2.5 km) 5 min by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Fahadan Museum (1.2 km) 3 min by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Water Museum ( 14 km) 16 min by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Hana Workshop (Hanasabi) (6km) 10 min by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Tower of Silence (15 km) 17min by walk

Dad Hotel Yazd to Chak Chak (98  km) 1 h 15 m by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Pahlavan Pour Garden Mehriz (43 km) 38 m by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Kharanaq (78 km) 1 h 5 min by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Meybod (57 km) 55 m by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Taft (23 km) 25 m by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Yazd Airport (11 km) 16min by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Yazd Train Station  (4.6 Km) 7 min by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Yazd Bus Terminal (11 km) 17 min by car

Dad Hotel Yazd to Tehran ~ (632 km) 6 h 40 m

Dad Hotel Yazd to Shiraz ~ (434 km) 5 h

Dad Hotel Yazd to Isfahan  ~ (324 km ) 3 h 50 m

Dad Hotel Yazd to Kerman ~ (356 km) 3h 50 m

1)Check-in time of hotels is usually at 14:00 and check-out time is at 12:00 PM in Iran.
2)Pets are not normally allowed to enter hotels in Iran.
3)Couples are permitted to stay in Iran’s hotels even if they are not married to each other by law.
4)In all hotels of Iran, breakfast is included. But most hotels have restaurants also serving lunch and dinner, and the extra expenses should be paid by you.
In most hotels especially the hotels that have more than three stars, primary facilities such as TV, towel, soap, shampoo, sandals, brush, toothpaste, and safety box exist and the minibar of the fridge include mineral water, juice, and snack. Hotels are equipped with air conditioner.

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Dad Hotel in Yazd

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