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Cultural long term tour in Iran

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Cultural Long Term Tour Iran

Cultural Long Term Tour in Iran in Treasures Of Pars! While Isfahan and Shiraz are two of the most popular destinations for tourists in Iran, Yazd with its ancient historical places and a treasure of Zoroastrian temple and fire places is an undiscovered gem. we will have our start in Tehran, a dynamic city with its numerous museums and palaces.

Day 1
The driver is waiting for you at international airport to transfer you to the hotel to rest after your flight Tehran

Day 2
The first day of the tour starts by visiting Saad Abad Palce, and Niyavaran Palace, “Dizi” as one of the most traditional Iranian food will be taught in Tehran cooking class, then you will be transferred to Mehrabad Airport for flight to Shiraz in the evening Shiraz

Day 3
Shiraz, once the cultural center of Persia, has been synonymous with learning, nightingales, roses, poetry and at one time, wine. While exploring the city today we will start the city tour with Eram Garden, one of the most important botany Gardens in Iran, and then we continue driving to Persepolis, Naghshe Rostam, Naghshe Rajab. The Royal City of the Great Kings, Darius, Cyrus (Xerxes), Persepolis was destroyed by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. Well walk through these remarkable ruins observing the superb stone reliefs that still remain, letting our imagination run free. after returning to Shiraz, we will visit the tombs of great poets Hafez and Saadi Shiraz

Day 4
The last day Shiraz excursion starts by Zandiyeh complex walking tour, it is a good chance to learn traditional Iranian bazaar and its people, after lunch is cooking class with teaching” Kalam polo”, the most important food of Shirazi people shiraz

Day 5
We will leave Shiraz with the first flight to Qeshm, the southern island in Persian Gulf, the first plan after a short rest is cooking sea food in a traditional place Qeshm

Day 6
Qeshm is a place with rich natural highlights that are worth visiting, we start with fantastic Harra Marine Forest and continue with Chah kooh Valley, Khar bas Caves, and Simin Beach Qeshm

Day 7
We will find another chance to come back to great Shiraz, so we will quit Qeshm in the morning and after arriving to Shiraz we will drive to Bavanat a very nice rural area which you have the chance of visiting nomads, accommodation and food service is full board including 3 traditional meals a day, en route Pasargadae will be visited Bavanat

Day 8
We will get to know how bread is cooked in rural oven; the taste of this bread will be entirely different. Meanwhile, a traditional Iranian food, “Estanboli polo”, or Ash e reshteh are cooked. Those who are keen on visiting desert, have a chance to drive to Marvast desert and visit its beauty in Spring and Summer Bavanat

Day 9
It will be hard to leave our rural ‘retreat’ this morning to drive to Kerman. Kerman in earlier times was an important junction on the caravan route connecting Iran with the Subcontinent. En route we drive via Shar-e Babak, Maymand, Rafsanjan (the city of pistachio gardens) through mountains, to arrive in Kerman, we will visit, the blue-tiled Jameh Mosque, and Jabaliyeh Dome after a short rest Kerman

Day 10
The morning city tour starts by great Ganj Ali Khan complex, Vakil complex, Harandi Garden museum, and Defa’ Museum, in the afternoon we continue our cooking tour by Cooking the traditional Kermani food named” Boz Ghormeh”, also “Kashko bademjan” which is Iranian favorite food is also taught to be cooked. Kerman

Day 11
We are on our way to Yazd, the centre of the Zoroastrian faith in Iran, via the most southerly part of the Silk Road past Anar, Kermanshal to Zeyn-o-Din. After a short rest we will cook “Shooli” in an Iranian kitchen Yazd

Day 12
Today we visit Amir chakhmaq square, Atashkade, Towers of silence and windwards,and then drive to Isfahan in the evening Isfahan

Day 13
Isfahan is the home of some of the world’s finest Islamic art and architecture. The city’s splendid tour began with the reign of the Safavid Ruler Shah Abbas (1587 – 1629) who made the city his capital and built the huge bazaar, which was strategically located on the Silk Road. Under Abbas, Isfahan enjoyed great prosperity and flourished as a centre of art, architecture and commerce (based on carpet, textile and silk production), earning the reputation as one of the greatest and most beautiful towns in the whole of Asia. In the first excursion day, we visit Ali qapoo palace, Imam complex, bazaar, Imam square. It is not fair to travel to Iran and not to eat “Qormeh sabzi” as a delicious Iranian food, the combination of vegetable and meat, in this trip not only you eat it, but also you learn how to cook it Isfahan

Day 14
Isfahan is also famous for its great bridges, so we will enjoy visiting the fantastic Siy o se pol(bridge), Khajoo Bridge, Wooden Bridge, moreover Chehel Sotoun palace, Hasht behesht palace Isfahan

Day 15
After a leisure time on your own, you will be transferred to Mahalat in Isfahan Province to visit the wide gardens, different kinds of glasshouses, and greenhouses, drive to Kashan and Abyaneh. In Kashan you can visit the fantastic old and traditional houses like Tabatabaeei House and prominent Fin Garden. We will also drive to Abyaneh , an old village with fresh weather and red walls because of lime existence in its soil Kashan

Day 16
After a short Kashan excursion, we drive to Tehran via Qom, and then Mehrabad Airport for flight to Mashhad, visiting Mashhad bazaar, Gowhar shad Mosque, Imam Reza Shrine Mashhad

Day 17
We should start driving to Naishaboor in the early morning about 6 A.M. Our main goal is to visit Turquoise mine of Naishaboor. The mine is about 60 Kilometer far from Naishaboor. After driving back to Naishaboor the tombs of great poets Khayam and Attar will be visited and you will transferred back to Mashhad for overnight Mashhad

Day 18
We will fly to the capital of Iran again in the morning and visit Golestan palace and National Museums throughout the day Tehran

Day 19
In the second Tehran city tour Jewelry Museum, and Sham sol Emare are visited Tehran

Day 20
We continue this adventure to the north of Iran, Chaloos, The Caspian Sea, northern beautiful nature and jungles are worth visiting Chaloos

Day 21
We drive through the sea line and its fantastic towns, en route Valasht Area and its sweet lake, Barak complex ,Kelardasht Museum, and Reza Shah Palace will be visited, the group will drive to Ramsar Ramsar

Day 22
Javaher deh is a nice village in the heart of mountain, so you will enjoy it a lot then we will drive to Masooleh Masooleh

Day 23
Masooleh is a fantastic historical village in north of Iran, after Masooleh excursion, we will drive to Bandar Anzali and cook “Mirza ghasemi”, and “Baghali Ghata” as northern famous foods Bandar Anzali

Day 24
Anzali is famous for its Anzali Lagoon. It is the end of our trip here, so we should return the arrival city to leave Iran Tehran

Day 25
Transfer to IKA for flight back


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