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nasir al-mulk mosque , fisheye view- shiraz

Choose a Destination

Choose a destination

Choose a Destination in Iran cause will go to see things that you get some of the greatest places on earth down there, but the truth is that hardly anybody can get enough time to see them all. There are just so many places, many attractions, and sites that you might be interested in. Choose a destination in Iran, an ancient land filled with bustling bazaars, historic sights, superb architecture, parched deserts, and beautiful, snow-capped mountains. With no less than 24 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, few countries have a history that can compete with Iran, from the ancient gems of Persepolis, and Yazd, declared the second most historic city in the world by UNESCO, to wonderful museums, glorious mosques and mausoleums, and impressive ruins with exquisite stone carvings.

So, we have tried to summarize them for you in the following mater list. But that is not all. When you go to each of the following destinations look at the links on the left to see further side attractions that might interest you.

Ancient towns that date back to the Silk Road era, elaborate mosques that beam out the evocative call to prayer and modern cities where fashion-conscious youth rub shoulders with conservative elders – it’s time to demystify the misconceptions about Iran! Exquisite palaces, domed mosques, brilliant bazaars, and gracious people all make Iran a true travel gem. Come and experience the splendor of Iran yourself.

There is also information about the best hotels in, local information about the internet, post, telephone, police, hospitals …etc that you would definitely find helpful. By the way, let us know if there is anything that we are missing.

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