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Carnet de Passage for traveling to Iran with your car

Carnet de Passage en Iran

Self-driving travelers who travel with their own vehicles including car and motorcycle must have heard the name of carnet de passage by which they are permitted to import their cars to many countries. It is a document issued by AIT/FIA for the vehicles to facilitate the transit of land borders of some countries enter a country. This document contains the information of the vehicle like model, color, registration number and the owner.

Iran is also among those countries where you need to get the carnet de passage as a permission for your motorcycle or car to enter the country. According to Touring and Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran, tourists, foreign passengers or Iranians who have been residing abroad at least for one year ( the last six months uninterrupted), can import their motor vehicles while traveling to Iran on the condition that they obtain CPD from touring clubs or National Automobile Association of the origin country. Those passengers can use their automobile inside Iran at most for 3 months and if the Iranian customs agrees, this deadline may be extended. It is possible to exit and enter the country via allowed borders several times, as well. People who could not get this license for some reasons, can pay a cash deposit at the entrance border of Iran and receive the Carnet de Passages, but it is not recommended due to being time-consuming.

Though there is no specific situation for the passengers to Iran besides the CPD, passengers who temporarily import their vehicles into the Islamic Republic of Iran must agree to obey traffic laws and regulations of the country and particularly the conditions of temporary importation.

For those who travel with their own vehicles, it should be mentioned that there are enough petrol stations on the routes and you can find their locations by a click. Just make sure to put enough fuel each time you see a station since there may be long distances between them. Furthermore, don’t worry about repair shops, each town has got one at least.


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