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Butterfly Watching Tours in Iran

Have you ever dreamed of being surrounded by hundreds of exquisite butterflies? Or of perhaps getting really “up close and personal” with a delicate Parnassius mnemosyne, or a Cigaritis maxima and Euchloe pulverata? So close you could look them in the eye? Or maybe you’d like to feel an exquisite Lycaena phoenicurus or a magical Hyponephele amardea gently brush your face with delicate gossamer wings? Then It’s the best place for Butterfly Watching Tours in Iran!

Iran is home for many species of Butterflies. Our butterfly tours are designed to suit the experienced butterfly watcher as well as the absolute beginner in trying to see a wide variety of these animals.

Butterfly watching can easily be combined with a general natural history or bird watching tour or as a dedicated tour on the lines of the sample itinerary given below. Iran Traveling Center can arrange for a competent field naturalist to accompany keen lepidopterists.

Isolated Mountain Ranges with snowy peaks and desert plateaus, forests of various types and semi-desert savannah produced a specific and unrepeatable butterfly diversity. Many endemic species, especially Lycaenids, live in Iran.

The Butterflies of Iran and Iraq covers the 413 species currently known in this region. Specimens of almost all species are shown on the plates including many type specimens, historical and very rare examples. The bibliography section consists of 830 entries including many Iranian publications which are little known in the West.

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