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Bring the Family to Iran

Bring the Family to Iran! They would love it. They are going to gain a better understanding from the world around them. You are going to do your family a favor by giving them the chance to see a first-hand account and one of the most important countries in the Middle East, a place that directly affects their lives. Family is the foundation of Iran’s social structure and is much more private than in many other societies and cultures. Iranian people are warm, friendly, hospitable and very formal.

When you Bring the Family to Iran, also remember the golden rule of socially acceptable behavior in Iran; that is to support your words with appropriate gestures and behavior.

There are many different ancient and historical sites to visit, market places and old bazaars with amazing covered aisles, sun light shining from the holes in the domes and creating a mystique sense of merge, great museums where you can learn about art and history.
You and your family can get experience of Persian culture and history during your stay in Iran. In this multi-cultural, world we need to learn from one another and pass our experiences to the next generation.

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