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Borujerdi Historical House Kashan

This is another house worth being visited in Kashan and it is the famous Borujerdi House whose owner was a wealthy businessman of the city of Kashan. The story behind building this house is really interesting. A man came to suit Tabatabaie’s (prominent carpet dealer and business person in Kashan) daughter and her father asked the man to build a house in dignity of his daughter who was brought up in such a luxurious way of living. So the man tried to construct a large and stylish house meriting his wife and fulfilling the condition of marriage. These houses of VIPs of Kashan in the old times are among the main attractions of this city. This house has also been a masterpiece of architecture due to the construction time and materials utilized in it.
Like the Tabatabaie house, you will definitely enjoy your trip back to the past time to someone’s private life and residence place which is now another architectural attraction of Iran. The layout, plaster work and pool of the house are amazing and will make you spend a memorable time there. This luxurious house was built with very simple material and equipment. It is very well preserved with intricate design. You can never spend enough time looking at its beauty. The house has things to tell you and you can explore many different fantastic Iranian arts on walls, mirrors, colorful windows in rooms, halls and its several yards. So try to explore this enigmatic world in this wonderful two-story house with your own eyes. It is among the top attractions of Iran which can be visited during your Iran tour.
After the entrance, there is a space which is called Hashti and subsequently a narrow corridor that connects you to the main area of the house or Birouni. Generally, up to recent hundred years ago most types of Iranian houses had been a combination of an area which guests and all people who entered the house could have access to and the area that only people who were living in the house had access (Andarouni or the inner part). Broujerdi and all other historical houses in Kashan follow this type of building construction. Really you can touch Iranian culture when you enter the house, architecture format, paintings on the walls and roofs, a big pool in the center of the yard shows you Iranian architecture. Downstairs with comfortable temperature without any air conditioning facilities is a really advantage for the house in the hot summers of Kashan.

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Visiting time  from 9:00 A.M. to 18:00 P.M.

Entrance fee: About .. US$

Address:Kashan, Alavi Street

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