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Address : Fazel Naraghi street, Kashan-Iran

Baba Afzal traditional hotel is located at the heart of historical city of Kashan. It has been constructed during Qajar era. The architectural style of Baba Afzal is identical with the traditional housing in which there is a central yard, steeped mildly with a small garden in it. The garden preserves the coolness of the weather as well as the light, in summertime. In fact, Baba Afzal house has been a house reused as a hotel today and refurbished to cater guests. As it is located in the historical part of Kashan, the accessibility to other ancient monuments would certainly be possible with a short distance. Interestingly, there is a salt room inherited from old days which is now turned into an attraction for tourists who stay at this hotel. It is covered by salty walls that have undergone light effects to make the room more interesting.

Baba Afzal hotel serves you the best way with convenient rooms in variable styles including single, double and twin rooms to name a few


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