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Alisadr Cave

Alisadr the wonderfully beautiful Cave among the low hills of Kabudar Ahang 75 km to the north-west of Hamadan near a village by this same name and in the heights of Sari Qayah is one of the strangest natural sights and probably the only water cave in Iran. In fact, it is an endless network of caves full of clear water. Historically, the Alisadr Cave and two other nearby caves were used by Safavid army as secure refugees.

Alisadr Cave was discovered in the first half of 70s by a group of mountaineers from Hamadan, and waves of local and foreign tourists flooded to visit the site since 1975. The width of the cave varies between 1.5 and 60 meters. In some sections the caves ceiling, more than 15 meters high, is covered with most beautiful cabbage-like stalactites hanging downward.

Stalagmites soaring toward the roof can be seen in certain parts of the cave invert. There are some dry spots along the network, which are called islands. Fluctuations of water level (50-100 cm) can be seen from the marks left on the surrounding internal rock surface.

Tourist development of the area started in 1991 with the establishment of Alisadr Tourism Company, which led to the construction of various facilities such as a hotel (24-room, accommodating 100 passengers), a guesthouse (with 7 rooms) and a restaurant, erection of camping tents, and provision of parking lots, 1- and 2-bedroom wooden villas, playing grounds, cinema and theater, all equipped with hygienic services, as well as the creation of sound and lighting systems inside the cave and telecommunication facilities in the residences.

There are plans for the construction of an airfield for domestic and international flights. Here, you can take special boats and make a memorable tour of the underground network of the lake for yourself.

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