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Ahwaz – Ahvaz

  • Overview of Ahvaz

    Ahvaz attractions & Tour guide

    Ahvaz is situated in the central portion of the province and has a warm and humid climate. Ahwaz is the center and largest city of the province and is located 874 km. from Tehran. In ancient times it was called “Hormozd Ardeshir” and then “Suq-ol-Ahwaz”. Later on it was known as “Naseri”. Some historians have mentioned it as “Algenis”.
    There is a strong possibility that the city of Ahwaz is located on the site of the old city of “Taryana”. Ardeshir Sassanid I rebuilt Taryana and named it “Hormozd Ardeshir”. During his reign and that of his successors, the city prospered, and instead of Susa became the capital of “Suziana” (Khuzestan). At the time that the Arabs gained control of Suziana, Hormozd Ardeshir was renamed to Soq-ol-Ahwaz, which means the market of Khuzis or Hoories.

    Best season to visit : Autumn & Winter

  • Top Things to do:

    • Moin -ol Tojar Caravanserai
    • Sailing along Karoun (Karun) River
    • Pol-e Sefid

    Top Foods to try:

    • Qalieh Mahi- A spicy, sour stew made with fish and herbs like cilantro, fenugreek and garlic, simmered to perfection in red pepper and tamarind sauce.
    • Sambouseh or Samosa- A triangular, deep-fried pastry filled with spiced potato, onion and bell pepper.
    • Emgesht –A rice dish consisting of salted fish with coriander, dill and raisins.
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    Some of Properties in Ahvaz:

    Naderi Hotel Ahvaz
    Oxin Hotel Ahvaz
    Fajr Hotel Ahvaz

  • Bamdezh Wetland Ahvaz

    Bamdezh (Bamdej) Wetland is located 40 kilometers northwest of Ahvaz on the road to Shush. This permanent, sweet water wetland spans an area of 4,000 hectares. The area is home to over 40 different animal species including fox, jackal, wolf, hyena, marten, bat, hedgehog, frog, toad, turtle, gecko and snake. This wetland is also a popular bird watching destination. Its notable birds include Basra reed warbler, African scared Ibis, white-tailed lapwing, duck and Iraq babbler.

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