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Afif-Abad Garden in Shiraz

Afif-Abad Garden is a brilliantly nice and beautiful garden in an affluent district of Shiraz. This huge garden has a pavilion at the center which has been converted to army museum. This green garden in all the seasons of the year, has an old bathroom that is now changed to café and a museum. The wall reliefs are of Qajar era and depict the elements of Achaemenid and Sassanian kings or soldiers to show that the ruling power of Qajar kings is validated by Iranians and in fact, by blood and heredity. The museum holds all objects used in wars since old times up to the present time including cold arms like swords of the kings and warm arms like guns and heavy artillery. The second floor of the museum is furnished with foreign and fashionable furniture from France. All in all, this museum and especially its garden is an example of a complete Persian garden and it is worth a two-hour visit; so I wish you the most agreeable times of your life here.


+98 71 3626 7343

Visiting time :8AM–12PM, 3:30–7PM

Entrance fee: About 5 US$



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