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Abyaneh Village

The Ancient Touristy Village of Abyaneh in Isfahan

40 kilometers northwest of Natanz town in Isfahan province on the mountain range slopes of mountain range lies a scenic and ancient village which is called Abyaneh. Abyaneh village should be considered among one of the most exceptional and amazing villages of Iran due to its numerous historical monuments. The grandeur of native and beautiful architecture of this village has made this village one of the unique attractions of Isfahan. Abyaneh has a very agreeable climate and is located in a natural and pleasant location.All of the houses of this superb village are located on the mountain slopes near the river in a way that the flat roofs of the lower houses are the yards of the upper houses and no walls surround their living environment. Thus Abyane village appears to be a multi-story village which on occasions the house floors even are erected up to 4 stories. The exterior facade of the houses is covered with red soil from a mine near the village. From other attractions of this ancient village, one can name its fire temple, unique mosques, pilgrimage sites and three citadels.Although the village is small in size, but it has many untold tales inside the minds of its residents and there are many enigmatic things to be explored by you the visitor who is in love with discovering new things about the past time. All the above-mentioned words have made this magical village worth a visit by any tourist visiting Iran. Wish you the nicest times of your life there in Abyaneh village. You can also buy dried fruits and shawls from the old women still living there after such long time in the history. Enjoy the perfect nature and attractions of this virgin rural area in the modern time


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