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A Profound Look into Iran in 21 Days

A Profound Look into Iran in 21 Days is a long term Iran tour which includes main cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and continues to Kerman Shiraz and Ahvaz; the rest of trip will be in West parts of the country like Kermanshah and Hamadan. Here you can have a look on A Profound Look into Iran in 21 Days:

Day 1
Location: Tehran
Arrival to Imam International Airport, meet an assist by your tour guide. Transfer to Hotel.
Overnight: Tehran

Day 2
Location: Tehran
Tehran palaces tour; includes: Golestan Palace, Saad Abad Palace and Niavaran Palace.
Overnight: Tehran

Day 3
Location: Tehran-Kashan (253 KM)
Early in the morning drive to Kashan; on the way visiting Abyaneh.
 Abyaneh your; includes: Meeting people with traditional and colorful costumes, getting familiar with Abyaneh intact architecture, old houses and wooden doors.
Kashan tour; includes: Fin Garden, Tabatabayis House, Borujerdis House and Agha Bozorg Mosque.
Overnight: Kashan

Day 4
Location: Isfahan
Isfahan city tour; includes: Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Imam Khomeini Mosque (former Shah Mosque), Sheikh Lofollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Chehelsotoon Palace, Hasht Behesht Palace & Garden.
Overnight: Isfahan

Day 5
Location: Isfahan
Isfahan city tour; includes: Vank Cathedral & Museum, Jolfa District and Isfahan historic bridges.
Overnight: Isfahan

Day 6
Location: Isfahan
Isfahan city tour; includes: Birds Garden, Isfahan Great Bazar for some shopping.
Overnight: Isfahan

Day 7
Location: Isfahan-Naein-Yazd (322 KM)
Drive to Yazd, on the way visiting Naein.
Nain tour; includes: Nain Jame Mosque and Silk Carpet Producing Places,.
Yazd city tour; includes: Zoroastrians Fire Temple and Towers of Silence.
Overnight: Yazd

Day 8
Location: Yazd
Yazd city tour; includes: Jame Mosque, Water Museum, Amir Chakhmagh Complex & Mosque.
Overnight: Yazd

Day 9
location: Yazd-Kerman (369 KM)
Drive to Kerman.

On the way we have a chance to take our lunch in the middle of the dessert in Zaynodin Caravansary.
Kerman city tour; includes: Ganjali Khan Complex (Square, Bathhouse, Bazar, Caravanserai, Mosque and Mint).
Overnight: Kerman

Day 10
Location: Kerman
Mahan tour; includes: Shazde Garden, Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine, Lut Desert, Rayen Citadel and Shahdad Desert (Kalouts).
Overnight: Kerman

Day 11
Location: Kerman-Shiraz (572 KM)
Drive to Shiraz.
Shiraz city walking- tour; includes: Shahcheragh Holly Shrine, Hafez Tomb and Saadi Tomb.
Overnight: Shiraz

Day 12
Location: Shiraz
Persepolis tour; includes: Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid) and Necropolis (Naqsh-e Rustam).

Day 13
Location: Shiraz
Shiraz city walking-tour; includes: Vakil Complex (Bazaar, Citadel, Bath, Pars Museum and Mosque) and Saraye Moshir, Hafez Tomb and Saadi Tomb.
Overnight: Shiraz

Day 14
Location: Shiraz-Ahvaz (538 KM)
Depart for Ahvaz, on the way visiting Bishapour.
Bishapour tour; includes: Anahita Temple,Bishapoor Museum, Tang Chogan Relives and Bishapur Cave.
Overnight: Ahvaz

Day 15
Location: Ahvaz
Ahvaz city tour; includes: Tomb of Daniel, Hafttapeh Hills & Museum, Chogha Zanbil Ziggurats, where remains the best surviving example of Elamite architecture and Apadana Palace.
Overnight: Ahvaz

Day 16
Location: Ahvaz-Kermanshah
Kermanshah city tour; includes: Tagh-e Bostan and Bisotun Complex and Anahita Temple.
Overnight: Kermanshah

Day 17
Location:  Kermanshah- Hamadan (189 KM)
Hamadan city tour; includes: Baba Taher Tomb, Avecina Tomb, Alavian Dome, Hegmataneh Site & Museum, Tomb of Esther & Mordechai and Ganjnameh Inscriptions.
Overnight: Hamadan

Day 18
Location:  Hamadan
Visiting Alisadr water cave is one of the most amazing places in the world that you can enjoy a boat-able water cave, where you can enjoy the miracles of nature for whole day.
Overnight: Hamadan

Day 19
Location: Hamadan-Tehran
Drive to Tehran; on the way visiting Soltanieh one of the biggest ancient domes in the world, underway we will get to see assassins castles and Qazvin before arriving to Tehran in late night. We keep exploring the region by visiting Qazvin Friday mosque and Bazaar before heading toward Tehran.
Overnight: Tehran

Day 20
Location: Tehran
Tehran palaces tour; includes: Golestan Palace, Saad Abad Palace and Niavaran Palace.
Overnight: Tehran

Day 21
Location: Tehran
Transfer to Imam International Airport for departure flight.

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