Payab Hotel, Lut desert

Lut Star eco camp, Lut desert

Lut Star eco camp, Lut desert


Maranjab Desert Eco Camp, Kashan

Farvardinn Desert Inn / Yazd

Matinabad Desert Eco-Camp / Isfahan

12-Day Desert Odyssey in Iran: From Esfahan and Lut desert to Naiin, Kerman and finally Yazd, An Epic Journey Through Arid Beauty

12-Day Desert Odyssey in Iran: Journey Through Arid Beauty

Discover the enigmatic beauty of Iran’s deserts in a 12-day odyssey that will leave you breathless. From the timeless allure of Esfahan’s Islamic architecture to the ever-shifting sands of the Varzaneh Desert, this journey weaves history, culture, and natural wonders into an unforgettable tapestry.

Explore traditional mud-brick houses in Na’in, experience the warmth of desert homestays in Garmeh and Farahzad, and unravel the secrets of ‘forgotten’ villages. Cross the mesmerizing Kaluts of the Lut Desert, explore Kerman’s bazaars, and stand in awe of the Rayen Fortress.

Throughout, encounter religious sites of significance to Muslims, Jews, Zoroastrians, Sufis, and Christians, offering a profound insight into Iran’s diverse cultural tapestry. Join us on this captivating adventure through Iran’s arid beauty, where each day brings new wonders to light.

Vono Hostel / Tehran

Vono hostel was founded by a group of avid travelers, experienced backpackers, skilled mountaineers, and daring adventurers. We love meeting other travelers and backpackers, enjoy hearing their stories and take pleasure in sharing ours. Vono hostle has nice dorm rooms for those who want to make new friends, and private rooms for the ones who […]

Highlights and Places to see

Iran, The Land of Mystery and Natural Beauty Iran Is generally speaking divide din two four regions of north, south, east and western Iran but within each region you see variety of sublimates and cultural microcosms. In North we have the Caspian Sea region which is lush and forests, in the center and south we […]