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Top Things to Do in Yazd

 The desert city of Yazd which is located at the center of Iran is registered as a World Heritage city and it is also called the city of mud bricks and wind catchers. Due to its architecture of buildings from mud bricks, and due to the invention of cooling systems of wind catchers to protect the inhabitants from hot summer days, Yazd attractions have become famous as these labels.

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Yazd Attractions

Marvelous Amir Chakhmagh Complex in Yazd

 Amirchakhmakh is an impressive site, particularly when you visit it at night and the lights and fountains are well lit up. It is a symbolic religious work of architecture around which people of Yazd gathered for religious ceremonies in the past. It stands out as the symbol of the city and is very beautiful and has a scenic view especially in the evening when the sun goes down. Nearby Hajkhalife Confectionary is highly recommended to you to buy local sweets of Yazd such as Ghottab, Sohan, Pasmak and cakes as souvenirs.Below the complex, there is a bazaar where you can eat Kebab of jigar (grilled liver). In the front, there is a huge wooden palm tree used for watching Ashura commemorations.There are several local restaurants inside. Most of them offer kebabs. The ambiance of this place is really pleasant. If you are interested on photography, I recommend this place. Do not this attraction as the complex and its architecture and the fountains in front of the complex in the large space are really marvelous.

Amazing Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and Sky Burial

Amazing Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and Sky Burial in Yazd: The next place to visit in Yazd is the wonderful Tower of silence. Here the burial secrets and ceremonies of Zoroastrian religion . Based on Zoroastrians, the dead corpses will be contaminated if left by evil souls and demons when people die, as the highest places were the most sacred. In order to prevent this contamination, above all, Zoroastrians cleaned their corpses by exposing them to the local fire on top of towers with flat tops in the desert named Dakhmas. Then they are carried and their corpses are taken to higher places and their bodies become decomposed or hunted by vultures. In fact, the corpses were put on the towers (dakhmas) in three concentric circles according to ancient traditions. The places were for different members of the family based on their gender and age; the outer circle was allocated to men, inner one to women and the inner most ring to children. Finally, corpses were abandoned to until their bones were decomposed and eaten by the vultures. When the purification process ends, their bones were put inside ossuaries close to or inside the towers. Some of these documented ossuaries have been found near or inside the towers which are said to belong to 4th or 5th century B. C.. Such ossuaries exist also in cities such as India, Mumbai, but the most prominent one exists in Iran, Yazd and that is ‘Towers of Silence’. Along with the urbanization and development of Iran, such Dakhmas were nearer the city boundaries, and their use was more and more limited they by day. Using Dakhmas has become illegal since the 1970s and the orthodox Zoroastrians had been forced to adjust themselves to new burial ways. To avoid all contamination, they have gradually moved their corpses under ground covered with concrete stones. These towers are not utilized for burying their burial ceremonies, but it has become an attractive attraction for the visitors to visit and uncover the mysteries of the old time. Be prepared to go up the stairs and enjoy your visit, but the one in front of the entrance is easier to go up. Moreover, it provides a marvelous view of the city. When going to visit this unique attraction, please take sun screen and a bottle of water with yourselves. Because of the heat, early morning hours or evening are the best time for visiting this ancient attraction. If you are going there in the evening, make sure you will not miss the scenic views of the sunset. The last words is that do try to visit this attraction during your Iran tour and enjoy the memories of a knowledgeable tour guide and her/his stories.

Dowlat Abad Garden

Dowlat Abad Garden: Another famous Persian garden known as world heritage registered site is Dowlat Abad Garden in Yazd city. This garden is most famous for its towering wind catcher which is the highest and the most colossal one in whole Iran. The garden has been constructed about 1750 and it is a real Persian jewel of architecture that acts as an attraction which attracts millions of foreign and local tourists. Again as typical with other Persian Gardens, it has a long pond with the tallest wind catcher with height of 33 meters in the region to make the mansion cool during hot days of the desert. The garden also benefits from some shades of tall trees. The angles of internal views of the garden have been selected tactfully by its skillful architect. Dowlat Abad Garden is one of the other Persian Gardens which have been recorded as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. The attraction is included in the list of many agencies and their travelers as one of the most famous and significant attractions of Iran during their Iran tour.

Dowlat Abad Garden

Old City Districts: Another place that will certainly attract your attention when visiting Yazd is its old city districts where you can feel the antiquity of this city and its many beautiful alleys which combine modern life style with the past way of life. It is located at the heart of the city of Yazd where there are many tourists, hotels, hostels and traditional houses. In these old streets you can see cars as symbols of modern life passing you by and you are walking by the most ancient parts of the city which are enigmatic and mysterious to all people who have visited this city. Every door here has its own story and there is the friendship alley where two friends who are in sulk with each other meet here for some time to befriend again and love each other more than ever. Based on UNESCO, one can get a feeling of the ancient city of Yazd when visiting these parts. You will encounter the most splendid views of the city if you walk up on the roof of one of the houses inside this area and watch the city from above the old town. Some cafes provide you with the permission to see the whole town.

Magnificently Jame Mosque

Magnificently Jame Mosque in Yazd : One of the most splendid attractions of Iran or Yazd city is the Jame Mosque of Yazd or Friday Mosque with its unique architecture. It is a differentiating feature of Iranian mosques in possessing tall entry portals, called pishtaq. This mosque is a particularly fine example of two lofty minarets which are observable from outside the town. This mosque is a witness to Iran’s past wonderful architects with astonishingly perfect knowledge and expertise you could not imagine if you had not seen these masterpieces of Persian and Islamic architecture in the city of mud bricks. The art of calligraphy and engrossing works along with the beautiful patterns and designs on the corners of its ceiling inside the mosque depicting the holy name of Ali which is really marvelous and exquisite. This mosque with its high altitude and blue tiles worked as beacons for the people inside the desert to find their ways. The best time for taking photos is in the evening when the sun is setting down and you can observe the unique scenic view of the mosque’s azure blue tile works blended with the sun’s ray of orange and red colors evanescent into distant horizons. So try to embed this city and its wonderful mosque in your itinerary of your Iran tours when visiting attractions of Iran as this architectural beauty is really worth being visited.

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