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Persian Gulf-Qeshm Island Tour

Persian Gulf-Qeshm Island Tour

Qeshm is the largest duty-free island in the Persian Gulf, is renowned for its natural beauty, and more recently for its designation as a UNESCO Geo Park with its rocky coastlines that protects a mountainous and often beautiful interior. Qeshm Island is located a few kilometers off the southern coast of Iran (Persian Gulf), opposite the port cities of Bandar Abbas. The island like Kish is a free zone which means you do not need visa. The island has an abundance of wildlife, including birds, reptiles, dolphins and turtles. The island hospitalizes you with its friendly inhabitant.

It a magical place to stay some days relaxing near beach, taste local food, experience wearing local custom and hearing the great folk music. You have excursion to nearby islands like Hengam and Hormuz and witness the great Geo Park. Join us on this spectacular tour.

Best time to go: November, December, January, February

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Tour Itinerary------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Day 1: Arrival to Qeshm airport. Meet and greet by local guide. Check-in the hotel. Overnight Qeshm

Day 2:  After breakfast visit Chahkouh Canyon. The amazing rock formations were created by water running through the valley at various speeds, resulting in twisted formations, deep holes and narrow passages. This spectacular series of valleys has an outstanding view and a pleasant sound echo. Then visit Namakdan salt cave & dome, located on the west of the island. These incredible salt caves are worth a visit. The gate keeper will give you head torches to enter the caves. You will experience eating lunch in local homes where sea food is served for travelers.
After lunch take a boat to Hara Marine Forests (Mangrove Jungle). It’s a vast mangrove tree forest which houses a majority of immigration birds in special season. On the way back to Qeshm visit Laft village with its beautiful badgir (wind catching towers in Yazd) and old houses. There are ship making workshops which are very traditional and unique (UNESCO Intangible heritage). Overnight Qeshm

Day 3:  In the morning visit Hengam Island by boat. It is an Island in south of Qeshm. There you can see dolphins and you can get souvenirs from the local shops in the island. Visit Shib Deraz village to see turtles lay egg. Then Naz Island and stars Valley. Beautifully weird shapes in Stars valley show us the majesty of a beautiful nature. Overnight Qeshm

 **Please note that Stars valley is closed on Saturdays

Day 4:  In the morning you have an excursion to a rainbow Island of Iran(Hormuz Island), located just a bit south of Qeshm. It is famous as a colorful geological wonder island where there is a wide range of colorful sand. You explore the island via Took Took (a small local bike), the driver shows you around the island such as Portuguese castle and statue valley. There are local homes serving sea food for travelers. In the afternoon come back to Qeshm. Overnight Qeshm

Day5: Departure Flight

In the morning take a flight.


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