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Iran Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an optional service that you can choose to include or exclude among your own tour services. But based on twenty years of experience in our agency, Iran Traveling Center, we highly suggest it to you; because you can enjoy the best of your trip time in Iran without any worries about any unexpected events. The main insurance that is done for travelers in Iran is carried out by Iran Insurance corporation and it costs 40 $ per person based on which you will be awarded up to 100000 Euros and your costs will be paid to you depending on the kind of loss incurred to you. You can fill out the insurance request form online based on your personal information such as your full name, passport number, nationality and date of birth and explain your health condition in the section of ‘notes’ and if you are resenting from any special kind of illness, please mention your disease. Your insurance conditions will differ based on your travel time and your age. Its general information is explained below in short and if you have any other questions, please do inform us via your correspondent; our colleagues will provide you with the best services as soon as possible.

Iran Traveling Center agency will observe all the following terms and conditions regarding the international insurance for tourists:
1. Transfer:
a. All kinds of transfer and entry to the closet medical center or clinic for the insured tourist,
b. Transfer of the insured tourist to a better hospital which can specifically treat the certain diseases of the ill tourist.

2. Remedial Expenses:
a. The insurance rate varies based on the insured’s duration of stay and travelers’ age,
b. Maximum duration coverage is 92 consecutive days,
c. The cost of surgery is also included in medical costs and expenses,
d. Medical emergency costs including initial physician visit, MRI services, laboratory expenditures, physiotherapy costs and medical transfer to clinics or hospitals in case of any vehicle accident,
e. Medical costs and expenses because of intoxication and poisoning such as food poisoning,
f. The return of unaccompanied children to their home land, and finally
g. Repatriation of corpses to their home land.

3. About Medical Emergencies:
Iran insurance company will provide the insured tourist with the required information, such as details of the clinics, hospitals, and health care providing centers as well as the necessary consultations.

4. Return of Dead Body:
In case of death the corpse all the measures will be taken and the dead body will be returned to the insured’s homeland by Iran insurance company. But this one does not include burial and funeral costs.

5. Legal Help:
Iran insurance company will provide penal, civil law and judicial assistance in case of accidents up to 250 Euro.

6. Loss of Travel Documents:
In case of losing travel documents such as passports, visa and tickets, Iran insurance company will give the insured advice and will help them to get their things as soon as possible with the help of officials.

7. Insured’s Relative Travel Expenses:
In the event of emergency, Iran insurance co. will accept the costs of the insured’s relative travel costs (as selected by the insured) to come and pay a visit to her/him from her/his home land.

Note: Any material loss or bodily damage must be reported; please note that more than 72 hours your reports will be ineffective.

There is also another type of insurance which is called liability insurance, do you know this type of insurance? This kind of insurance is a complement to the travel insurance. It is used more often for our colleagues and travel agency personnel (who are our business party and if our counterparts face any problems while in Iran, this sort of insurance will be utilized.

Its cost is the little amount of 4 Dollars per person every day.

To sign a business contract, some companies ask for this type of insurance. Saman Insurance co. provides us with this type of insurance.