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Matinabad Desert Eco-Camp

The vast scope of desert with its starry and endless sky and slippery and tender sands infatuates the eyes of any onlooker to its beauty. Desert, this enigmatic spot that seduces every passenger and drowns every visitor into a unique feeling of ecstasy. During the recent years, the number of tourists who have chosen desert as their destination in search of exciting and unforgettable moments has greatly increased. Matinabad Tourism Place is the first eco sustainable camp in Iran which was established in the margin of the central desert of Iran and 60 kilometers south east of Kashan aiming at boosting eco tourism and preserving the virgin environment of this region. This complex was recognized as one of the best 18 spots in the world by the United Nations in 2014 in the realm of tourism activities.Matinabad camp resort hosts visitors from every country in the world for both recreational purposes as a unique attraction and as a peaceful and relaxing accommodation place where you can stay at the most relaxing and the safest tents equipped with high-tech facilities in the middle of the silent and mysterious desert. Inside the restaurants and cafes of this camp, you can eat or drink superb organic foods and beverages of highest quality. One of the other hobbies you can experience is camel riding inside the desert which is really exciting. The last but not the least tourist attraction of this area of the planet is its starry nights when you can observe shining stars like bulbs of light at the heart of dark desert. This is where you will experience near-nature exciting adventures which are at the same time enigmatic, too. You can also wander and walk inside its camel breeding, horse breeding, ostrich, organic farms, ride bicycles, observe stars at night and finally stay inside its cottage like rooms, 12 meter and 24 meter tent rooms or stay overnight inside the earring (Gooshvareh), King (Shahneshin) and Carvanserai Rooms equipped with the best facilities to make your stay one of the most pleasant ones during your Iran tour in this unique desert spot. Here you will experience a fairy tale and fantastic activities, for example riding camel among the desert with melody of camels’ bells,riding a bicycle, watching stars, sitting and singing around a fire at sandy hills. The breakfast, lunch and dinner are average priced.


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Address: 65 kilometers south east of Kashan

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