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Vank Cathedral in Isfahan

Astonishing Vank Cathedral in Isfahan: Persia has always been a religious place for the men of religion who have wished to worship God in peace and quiet. Thus in all the cities across Iran you can find numerous places of worship depending on the religion of the residents. In Isfahan the ordinary people have been mostly Muslims, but there are some minority groups who have devoted themselves to the religion of Messiah; thus they have constructed churches for themselves to visit and pray to their God. One of the most marvelous attractions of Iran in Isfahan is Vank Cathedral that you can visit during your Iran tour. The Sacred Savior Cathedral, also reputed as the Saintly Sisters Church, is a cathedral situated in the Julfa of Isfahan. It is called Vank which means Convent or monastery in Armenian language. This attraction of Iran was founded in 1606, devoted to thousands of Armenians who were deported from their homes and resettled with the help of Shah Abbas I after the Ottoman War during 1603-1618.The place has a domed sanctuary, resembling a typical Iranian mosque with just a nuance of difference, addition of a semi-octagonal apse and raised chancel typical in European churches. The modern and plain brickwork of the exterior parts of the cathedral are really lucid in comparison with its delicately decorated interior of this holy church.

Inside walls are covered with delicate frescos and carvings including rich tile works. The centrally located depiction is in bright and beautiful colors of golden and blue and it illustrates the creation of the universe and man’s banishment from Eden. Inside the church there are some pendentives hung painted with Armenian motifs of a cherub’s head enclosed by folded wings. The ceiling is colored using marvelously beautiful floral motifs in Persian miniature style. Two murals surround the interior walls: the top one shows Jesus and what has happened to him during his lifetime, and the one below it illustrates Armenian martyrs and their passion and resentments. Inside the courtyard of this cathedral there are both Orthodox and Protestant Christians buried. The graves are put along the exterior wall before the entrance. On the corner of the courtyard, there is a museum and a library with so many interesting things to explore. This wonderful cathedral has greatly influenced the architecture style of the churches constructed afterwards nearby. The beauty of this overwhelming place of worship is interminable. Moreover, the mix of Islamic art and European art is astonishing in the architecture of this church in Isfahan and this is what has made it a must-see attraction in Iran during your Iran tours.  

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Visiting time  from 8:30 A.M. to 18:30 P.M.

Entrance fee: About 6 US$

Address:Isfahan Province, Isfahan, Jolfa, Vank Church Alley


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