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Iran Tourist Debit Card

You may have limitations on the payment amount in Iran by international debit cards. The usual way is to have cash or to exchange your money which has its own problems. The good news is that Iran Traveling Center agency is introducing more novel services to you by cooperating with banks in Iran . This special service is called Tourist Debit Cards.You can ask our correspondent to order such cards for you before your travel to Iran. The explanation about this issue is that you can have an account in Iran through our agency and by sending your personal information which is especially designed for tourists to Iran. Then you can also have a credit bank card whose money you can deposit your money to it and use it during your travel and finally you have Iranian money on you and in case any money is left in it at the end of your trip, you can receive it in dollars or euros. This card has many benefits. The cost of opening an account for you is from 25 to 63 dollars.       


How can I buy Iran Bank Credit Cards and Why?
Today you as a tourist have the chance of opening your own account in person by presenting your documents to our  Banks’ agents. Imam Khomeini International Melli Bank is one of the easiest and safest banks you can ask to issue such credit cards in no time for you right upon your arrival in Iran. The amount of money you would like to have in your account depends on you and your request. The only required documents you will have to present are your valid visa and passport. You can deposit cash as Iranian Rial currency, Euros, Dollars, etc. In your account. You card’s expiry date depends on the expiry date of your visa. Overall there are more than 50’000 automatic telling machines from which you can get money to spend in Iran and of which more than 10000 ones belong to Melli Bank of Iran. Please keep in mind that the maximum amount for charging such cards is 5000 $.

Are tourist credit cards accepted in all the shops in Iran?
Almost all stores and shops in Iran accept tourist cards. Just you should have a four-digit code and if you would like to buy anything online, you should know the usually five-digit code and enter it before finishing the transaction. It is highly recommended to change your password as soon as you receive your card from the bank through the ATM. Thus these cards can be used in all Iranian banking systems and shops.

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