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Zandiyeh Hotel Shiraz

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Address:Shiraz, Hejrat Street

This Five-star hotel has been built near Zand Complex to preserve Iranian architecture and art. After walking for less than 5 minutes you can observe the columns of Karimkhan’s Citadel and then you can visit Vakil mosque, Vakil bath and Vakil bazaar. Iranian architecture has been introduced to the visitors in the construction of this hotel other than the modern styles of architecture. Zandiyeh hotel can be the best option for your stay in Shiraz.The modern Zandiyeh Hotel which is originally an Iranian hotel constructed at the center of the city of Shiraz and near the historical and most priceless Vakil Complex of Zandiyeh. Constructed with an extraordinarily unique appearance and profoundly inspired by Shiraz historical architecture, the hotel features an attractive and serene atmosphere for the guests.

The kinds of rooms that this hotel provides its guests with are as the following:

Double / Twin Rooms: Inside these luxury double and twin rooms with their standard soft beds and boxes including mineral water, tea and coffee making machines, specially made ready to be at your service, you can experience calmness and composure of an unforgettable stay or even experience a unique long-term stay in our hotel.

Luxury Suites: The luxury rooms of this hotel give the highest level of ease and comfort to the guests. You can enjoy the roomy and fully furnished areas of the room equipped with a convenient bedroom that will add to your composure and feeling luxury during your stay inside the suites.

Business Suites: If you have a business trip to Iran, you can use business rooms of the hotel that are like modern office rooms and hold your formal meeting in conference halls of this hotel that has the capacity of more than 130 people with modern technology.

Honeymoon Suites: If you come for a honeymoon in Iran, make sure to choose our honeymoon suites of this hotel with its special and floral services that will endow you with a luxury experience.

Zandiyeh Suites: Zand deluxe suites with unequaled views to beautiful sites of the city, with traditional furniture and special ornamentation will satisfy you with all sorts of tastes.

By choosing to stay in any of the rooms, you will have 24-hour service and professional personnel who do their best to make the most marvelous time for you in

Persian Traditional Bathroom and Bath: One of the most special services provided by this hotel is its traditional bathrooms that introduce Iranian culture and its fabulous architecture to you which is famous for being clean and cheerful. It is a great attraction of Iran to get to know the traditional cultures of Iran such as Hana Bandan, Bride and Groom Bath Ceremony, New Born Baby Ceremony and other ethnic and Persian customs and it will surely be a different experience for you. You can refresh yourself especially physically after city tour day by working out in the sport complex. So you will definitely get relaxed after having a drink in the beautiful and calm yard of this hotel.

Health Club: Our health club provides you with the best, happiest and healthiest hours of your life with its different service area such as indoor Swimming Pool, Cafe, Jacuzzi, Sauna and Gymnasium.

Conference Hall: This hotel also gives services to you to hold your workshops, seminars and meetings with the aid of most advanced Video Projection and Acoustic Systems in Golestan hall which can accommodate over 150 individuals and Bustan Hall with the capacity of 180 individuals.

Restaurants: The restaurants of this hotel which offer the highest quality foods are named Traditional Restaurant and Classic Restaurant. The first one which is in fact Negarestan Traditional Restaurant is beautifully decorated with delicate wall paintings showing Persian traditions and customs and reviving the forgotten memories of the past time for the guests and its choice of dishes can satisfy any kind of taste from all nationalities and regions. It is highly suggested that you try our Persian Cuisine and local dishes.
The other restaurant which is more in line with modern and updated service standards offers services for those individuals in favor of excellent service and new and exotic dishes.

Hotel Courtyard: It has a superb lighting and marvelous Iranian water fountain to cool its environment during the hot seasons like Persian gardens. Its quiet area inspires your senses with the nice weather of Shiraz.

Lobby Lounge and Coffee Shop: The classic and traditional drinks of the lobby lounge which is placed beside the beautiful lobby of the hotel welcomes the hotel guests. There is also a coffee shop in the hotel to satisfy different tastes of different guests coming to this hotel with its different menus.


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