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Zein-o-Din Traditional Caravanserai Yazd

Address:Yazd Zein-o-din Caravanserai - After 60 Km in Yazd To Kerman Road

The Persians had set up such caravanserai accommodations across the Persian silk road every 20 km or thereabouts. These places served as resting spots during the travelers or pilgrims long journeys where they could relax and have food. Zein-o-Din Caravanserai is one such accommodation. This place which is traditionally constructed can become the highlight of your travel to Iran where you may experience some of the best and most memorable nights of your life.

This nice caravanserai is actually one of the 999 ones constructed during Safavid dynasty to promote trade. Today this is the only renovated and has 52 rooms equipped for the travelers’ stay. You may sleep on floor mattresses in your own room surrounded by Persian curtains down a cool hallway.

You can go on the rooftop and look as far as you can see, imagining what it must have been like to see the camel caravans coming across the desert floor along the silk road. You will also have the chance of attending lectures and then going up in the dark of night and laying on the rooftop-the star show is amazing and be sure to catch a sunrise and sunset up there. The showers are modern and clean, and the entertainment at night is fantastic. Ear plugs are essential for any travel, however they were particularly useful in the sleeping quarters. This will be a nice adventure experience, don’t miss the dreamy experience that takes you to hundred years ago.

Rooms & Rates

Per Person with Breakfast

48 Per Night
  • Breckfast

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