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Iranian’s are interested in tourist and usually try to help them as much as they can. Basically your trip to Iran is going to be about a constant taking and giving, learning and teaching experience. As a women traveler you will get to see, experience and learn so much.

There are some points such as “Hijab”, which you have to keep in mind during your travel to Iran, which is covering your hair and body. It might be frustrating for you at first, but soon you will see that even those restrictions are giving you a whole new perspective and experience.

As women and of course a tourist you have a big advantage in being the center of attention, yet it might be difficult when everyone tries to help you with the smallest and slightest things. That is the Iranian mentality; they love to be helpful and friendly especially to the women. So, please don’t take it personal!
Also you are supposed to respect certain Iranian women dress codes which includes head scarf and a semi long (up to you) “Manto” that covers the upper body and pants of course. It doesn’t mean you have to be covered all the way like the pictures you see or on TV, not at all, in fact Iranian women have managed to dress very stylish, in colorful scarfs and it will surprise you when you see them in streets. It would be helpful for you to see the picture gallery and the collections so you get a better idea in what to wear.