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Iran visa fees:

There are two fees involved in getting your visa to Iran the first one is a flat 60 $ fee that goes toward the initial visa application paper work, your letter of invitation to Iran and MFA paperwork. the second cost come when you are going to pick up your visa at Iranian embassy or consulate. this second cost is different based on the nationality of applicant . Here is a list of the consular fee in the follow.

You Iran visa application fee is refundable at any stage , whether to suddenly decide to put off your trip or your visa application get rejected .

Here are the consular fees (for the update please contact  closest embassy or consulate to you.)
1 Afghanistan 35$ 15 Lebanon 54$
2 Armenia 81$ 16 Mexico 56$
3 Austria 70$ 17 Netherlands 70$
4 Bangladesh 35$ 18 Nigeria 56$
5 Canada 63$ 19 Pakistan 24$
6 China 59$ 20 Philippines 70$
7 Croatia 52$ 21 Russia 87$
8 Egypt 35$ 22 South Korea 42$
9 France 70$ 23 Srilanka 15$
10 Germany 70$ 24 Syria 17$
11 Greece 56$ 25 Switzerland 50$
12 India 59$ 26 Tanzania 50$
13 Japan 70$ 27 U.K 119$
14 Kuwait 59$ 28 U.S.A 91$
 A 15 $ registered mail return postage fee will be added if you prefer to get your visa by post at your home address. fir further update please contact your closest Iranian embassy.

Visa forms ( not to be filed , just for information)

When you go to embassy to pick up your visa, you will be given some forms to fill out . Here in the follow you will find some generic forms that might be pretty similar to what you are going to see at the embassy. So maybe it is a good idea to go through them and get yourself familiar with the kind of paper wok you need to do before your visa is granted.

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