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    Visa to Iran 

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Welcome to
Iran  visa application page, an official source of information about Iran visa application , related procedures and update information that will help you to get your visa easily. Use this page to learn about the visa application process, understand current requirements, and get updates on recent developments. We are committed to those who seek visas to travel to Iran. Please take a minute to review this page and do not hesitate to get back to us with any question that you might have.

 :: Iran visa application & processing time:   

 :: Who is eligible to get a visa for travel to to Iran :  

 :: Classes of visa to Iran:

 :: Picking up your visa:

 :: Iran embassy and consulates around the world

 :: Iran Visa application and pick up fees


This is the online Iran visa application form that you need to fill and then click submit. We try to get your visa as soon as possible:
Last name: 
Spouse Name:  If applicable
Male  Female
Name of your Father: 
Marital Status: 
Former Nationality: 
Present Nationality: 
Date of Birth: (mm/dd/yyyy)  /   /  
City of Birthplace: 
Country of Birthplace: 
Passport Number: 
Passport's Issuance Date: 
Passport's Expiration Date: 
Passport's Place of Issue: 
Title of Position:  
Field of Activity:  
Work place Name:  
Business Address : 
Date of Previous Visit to Iran:  If applicable
Estimated Arrival Date to Iran: 
Estimated Duration of Stay in Iran: 
Flight Details:  If known
Preferred Iranian Embassy (city) to Receive your Visa: 
Phone Number:  Include country & city codes
Fax Number:  Optional
E-mail Address: 
Comments and questions:
Please write these Text & Numbers in the following boxes : 

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 Iran Visa issuance procedure:

Visa to Iran:

Getting visa to Iran is not as hard as you might think of and nor as easy as we really hope for, but still do able. So lets get started:

Here are are the procedure involved in applying for your visa to Iran :

1- Applying your visa through the above form.

2- Sending a scanned image of your passport's first page, where there is your image.

Processing Time for your visa to Iran to be ready:

 You got to know that applying visa to Iran takes a little bit of time. Usually it takes a bout 1 to 2 weeks to get all your visa processing done and get your VISA AUTHORIZATION NUMBER issued  So it really makes sense for your to apply way ahead of your schedule time of arrival, if you dont like to get into last minute surprises and hassles.

Iran visa Policy :

Almost all nationalities except Israeli nationals can get a visa to visit Iran. American nationals need to be included in a guided tour in order to be granted a visa, but any other nationality can travel to Iran without the need for being in a tour or even any reservations ahead of time.

Classes of visa to Iran:

1- Iran Touristy 14 to 30 days visa: This is the kind of visa that probably would be the best option for you. it is easy to get, its easy to extend if you decided to stay longer.

2- Iran Transit visa: You probably need to have a transit visa If you are planning to cross over Iran from Turkey to Pakistan , Turkey to Turkmenistan, turkey to Azerbaijan , turkey to Armenia, turkey, turkey to Afghanistan, turkey to Pakistan ,Turkey to Persia Gulf states like Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi , Oman Bahrain, Qatar or the opposite direction .

Transit visas are usually valid for 7 days , but you can always try to extend them if you decide that you wanted to spend more time while in Iran. The visa process is identical with touristy visa . You also can apply for this visa independently while you are in Iran's neighboring countries through Iranian embassy or consulate. If you decide to that you need to go to submit a clear cut itinerary of your trip while in Iran . Iranian consulate in Erzerum , Istanbul and Ankara tend to be pretty helpful with transit visa.

3- Short term airport visa to Iran :

There about 60 nationalities that can get a short term visa right up on their arrival to Iran's main airports such as Tehran's IKA or Mehrabad airports.  This visa is usually good for you if you are not planning to stay longer that 7 days or so. All what you need to apply for this visa is to have your original passport with you plus 2 1in1 inch pictures and 60 US$ cash. Your visa application and processing based on the work load might take a few minutes till a few hours time at the airport. please check with us for the update on which nationalities are eligible.

Picking up your visa from Iranian Embassy:

We would send your Visa authorization number after it gets issued in Iran foreign ministry. Your visa authorization number is a 6 or 7 digit number that refers to your specific visa application case. Iranian embassies or consulate around the world would be able to verify this number with their records and the issue your visa .

you don't necessary need to go in person for picking up your visa, If you live somewhere far from closest Iranian embassy or consulate. All what you need is to call them up and ask them to arrange for visa to be sent to your address by registered mail. In this case embassy would require you to send your passport to them first. This is specially a  good option for you if you live in the US, Canada.

You need to remember that at the time of picking up your visa, you would be asked to pay for the consular fees. This consular fees would cover the embassy paperwork costs and its amount varies based on the nationality of the applicant. for the updates you need to contact the closest embassy to you. this fee is separate that he initial visa application fee that you pay for your initiation your visa process in the first place.


Visa issuance service available at www.IRAN TRAVELING CENTER .com