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Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz

Traditional Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz, Iran

The main bazaar of Shiraz is situated in the historical center of the city. This fabulous bazaar is an architectural masterpiece and excellent as it has nice courtyards, caravanserais, bath houses, and old shops where you can buy all sorts of Persian rugs, copper wares, handicrafts, spices and antiques. The bazaar has been constructed in a way that during summer days it is kept cool and during winter days you will not feel the freezing cold of the streets of Shiraz city. Inside the bazaar is built like a maze and you should be careful not to get lost, but it is amazing and amusing as you stroll in the alleys of the bazaar and pass in front of the line stores and smell the favorable odor of flavors of the shops that sell spicing and seasonings.This ancient bazaar is itself full of old things and antiques. For instance, you may find both old and new copper pieces of cooking things such as pots. It may not seem to be beautiful from the outside, but once you enter inside you can see the liveliness of this bazaar. And though it is almost always busy and crowded with people and shoppers, you will be hardly jostled by anybody. Another part of the bazaar is large and replete with a huge variety of carpets and spices among other things. Have you ever heard anything about Persian handicrafts? If you are interested in traditional locations and sites and also handicrafts such as inlaid works (Khatamkari), do not miss this bazaar for souvenirs at reasonable prices. With its marvelous architecture, it is one of the most decent and probably the nicest bazaar with nice spaces of which you will never get bored. Try to amuse yourself with the funny bargaining play while buying at this bazaar. Finally if you love to take sweet memories and souvenirs of Shiraz from our country, this breathtaking picturesque monumental market is highly suggested to you. In fact, this great bazaar is a must see, being a fantastic place with courteous dealers and full of liveliness and hectic life. Bye the way, do not forget to eat Faloudeh Shirazi while walking around in this bazaar.

Visiting time  from 9:00 A.M. to 19:00 P.M.

Address: Shiraz, LotfaliKhan-e Zand Street, next to Vakil Mosque

Vakil Bazaar is one of the traditional Bazaars of Iran and it exists as the main attraction of Shiraz city. Vakil Bazaar is one of the attractions of Zandieyeh Complex including the Bazaar itself, Vakil Bathhouse, Vakil Mosque and Karim Kan Citadel. Among other attractions of this city near this bazaar are Pars Museum, Zinat-ol-Moluk House, Qavam House, Nasir al-Molk Mosque and Shahe Cheragh. You can spend half a day visiting these historical attractions of the beautiful city of Shiraz. Vakil Bazaar is one of the commercial centers at the heart of Shiraz city which has still preserved its traditional style.The antiques of handicrafts, carpet, seasonings and Persian fabrics in this bazaar will fascinate you. Inside this bazaar, there is an old Caravanserai which has been converted into a market named Saray-e Moshir and you can buy beautiful jewelry and priceless gem stones here. Outside the bazaar, you can try Shirazi ice cream and Faloudeh and Sharzeh traditional restaurant is located beside this bazaar.

Vakil Bazaar to Pars museum. 5 min.walk.

Vakil Bazaar to Naranjestan Qavam House. 18 min. walk.

Vakil Bazaar to Nasir Al_Molk Mosque Shiraz. 16 min. walk.

Vakil Bazaar to Shah cheragh Holy Shrine. 2o min. walk.

Vakil Bazaar to Hafez Tomb. 12 min by car.

Vakil Bazaar to shiraz airport.30  min by car. 

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