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Planing my Travel to Iran

Travel to Iran; Things I Need to Know

We wrote this line for making your travel to Iran easier. And also answering your questions about planning you travel to Iran. It’s a common belief that Iran holds the same status as Cuba for American citizens. I.e., that it’s illegal to visit without special permission from the U.S. government. But the United States has imposed sanctions against Iran and, there are currently no restrictions on American citizens visiting Iran as tourists. Currently, about 1,000-1,500 Americans travel to Iran each year.

The Iranian government requires all American tourists travel to Iran with a private guide or group tour. Your Iranian guide will be specially authorized to guide American citizens. He/she should be aware of any relevant Iranian government regulations.

If you happen to be the independent traveler, don’t be deterred by this requirement. You can both experienced a group tour and a private guide in your travel to Iran. In both circumstances, you will have ample time to explore, walk the streets and browse the bazaars (markets) on your own. Making connections with ordinary people, eating street food or accepting invitations to people’s homes.

Update: As of February 2014 it is also required for the UK and Canadian citizens to either be part of a group tour or have a private guide to receive a visa to Iran. (by

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“Visiting Chehel Sotun Palace with a group of Isfahan University Students in Isfahan, Iran” uncorneredmarket

How can I Plan my Travel to Iran?

There’s so much to think about when planning a short holiday or long trip. To ensure that you get the most from your trip to Iran we would like to help you plan and personalize your visit. You can use the shortlist tool for planning your travel to Iran. First your trip plan and all the places you might like to visit. Then compare the accommodation and make yourself an itinerary list. If you’re not experienced enough, then let Iran Traveling Center do it for you; by contacting its experienced team.

This is where we come into action and we ensure you that you will get the most and best of your travel to Iran. At Iran Traveling Center we keep our knowledge of Iran routes, hotels, attractions… updated. We also take our customers reviews very seriously and incorporate them into our future Iran tour plannings. Therefore, we are aware of the current conditions and new developments of all facilities in the use of tourist. Thus, we can recommend you the best options based on your preferences.

It’s Not enough, I need more Information for Planning my  Travel to Iran

Don’t worry we try to answer more questions about your travel to Iran. And also made good Iran Travel Guide in Iran Traveling Center just you need to clicks and read hundreds of pages about travel to Iran.

Are you ready? Let’s start planing your trip and make first steps for planing your travel to Iran:

Make Your Travel to Iran

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