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Train Ticket in Iran

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Train Ticket in Iran is one services provided by Iran Traveling Center; The railway network in Iran is not very extensive; but it’s a unique experience to travel through Iran’s cities by train. Raja Passenger Trains is the passenger rail system in Iran. Overnight trains can be used both for night’s sleep and also saving on a night’s accommodation. The rail network is comprised of three main trunks.

The first stretches east to west across the north of the country linking the Turkish and Turkmenistan borders via Tabriz, Tehran and Mashhad. The second and third extend south of Tehran but split at Qom. One line connects to the Persian Gulf via Ahvaz and Arak, while the other traverses the country’s center linking Kashan, Yazd and Kerman.

The point about Iran train’s ticket is that they should be booked about one month before departure. Trains are probably the safest, most reliable and easiest way to travel around the country.

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  • IRAN TRAVELING CENTER can help you book train your tickets in the available domestic on and also international routes offered by Iranian Railway system.

    International routes:

    There are currently twice weekly departures between Istanbul and Tehran. Ticket fares around 70 US $ for one way ticket. The whole trip from Istanbul to Tehran would take about 70 hours.

    There are also less frequent departures between Zahedan in south of Iran to Quetta in Pakistan, which you can use to get to Iran. You also can take advantage of the train for your travel  to central Asia.

    Domestic departures:

    There are regular train departures to many cities around Iran , but train is not actually the main way getting around in Iran. Bus and Air ticket is a better way to get around , unless you really want to use train. There are a few main domestic routes that you can take a look at them in the following section.

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