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Iran Religious tours:

Iran is the cradle of some of the oldest religions in the world. Mazdakian , Bahai Zoroastrian and Manavian are main religions that started in Iran. Although the Mazdakians are very rare nowaday, however there are quiet a few group of Zoroastrian and Manavians minorities still living in Iran. the Baha’i is not a recognized sect by the government , but its followers chose to continue living in Iran .  

in our tours we will take you to see some of the holy sites of these religions. Currently we have focused don the Shia main religious sites, however if you like to have a special tour to the Baha’i , Jewish, Zoroastrian, Sufi, Sikhs, Armenians or Manavian places, please let us know. we will be more than happy to tailor-made a program base don your needs.

By clicking on the tour you are interested in the left, you will be presented with the a number of most popular and suggested packages in variety of categories and with full detailed itinerary, including day-to-day activities. At the end of the itinerary you have the option of joining the group with its pre-set departure dates or you have the option of specifying your own dates… For special requests and interests, please contact us to discuss the development of a custom tour for your group.

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image/BulletC8.gif (549 bytes)    ::   Iran religious sites in 15 day
image/BulletC8.gif (549 bytes)    ::   Holy Shiee Sites in 9 day
image/BulletC8.gif (549 bytes)    ::   Iran & Iraq holy sites in 25 day
image/BulletC8.gif (549 bytes)  :: Iran Jewish holy sites in 12 day
image/BulletC8.gif (549 bytes)  :: Iran Zoroastrians temples in 12 day
image/BulletC8.gif (549 bytes)    ::   Iran Baha’i holy sites in 12 day
image/BulletC8.gif (549 bytes)    ::   Iran Armenian Churches in 12 day
image/BulletC8.gif (549 bytes)    ::   Iran Manavian sites in 4 day
image/BulletC8.gif (549 bytes)    ::   Iran Sikhs holy sites in 5 day
image/BulletC8.gif (549 bytes)    ::   Iran Sufi Monasteries in 20 day