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Is Isfahan Shiraz

  The Sufism Path

in 30 day (extendable to 90 days)

There are a number of great course offered in major Iranian universities . these course are in different lenght and context. you can try to take one of these course. we will help you to find your best choice and also would help you to get your needs to be taken care such a housing ,.etc.

there are also short term Farsi course in 30 and 60 day period . If you want we would take care of your private language learning with the best teachers available.

please contact us , so that we would see what we can do based on your specific considerations. . …  

But you only want to be familiarized with Farsi language we have some self learning materials for you Read More details>>


  • Visa
  • accommodation
  • private and public classes
  • de tours





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::Duration: 15 through 180 day

Locations and Cities that you can have your classes:Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran


Extensions & Alternative ending :


Available Start months:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
not available


::  Scheduled Dates: 01/01/2006- 01/01/2009At the start , middle and end of each month

::  Minimum Number of Participant:1
::  Maximum Number of Participant: 10



please contact for further coordination
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