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You’ve already been to the Big Four (Tehran , Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd) but want to go back for more. “What else is there to see in Iran?” you wonder. Maybe you think there is nothing interesting south of Iran or that Masouleh is the only place worth visiting in west. Big Four are perhaps the most beloved regions of Iran, but how many venture beyond them you think can be done ? Well, let us tell you ,there is an entire country just waiting to be explored and – as the treasure house of Eastern civilization – Iran is a cultural repository unlike any other place on earth. That’s why IRAN TRAVELING CENTER has developed a series of Out of beaten Path to draw attention to the many overlooked corners of the country where those daring enough to venture beyond the well-worn tourist zones will be richly rewarded with the delights of discovery.

Or Maybe you wanted to learn Persian language and take part in Valfajr film festival, so lets get started right now.

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Have you always wanted to refine your Persian language   and talk like a native Persian? As the cultural capital of Iran and one of the most literally  rich and beautiful cities in Iran, what better place could there be than Kerman to start learning  Farsi / Persian language? short Private classes and long term courses are designed and taught by best professors of Shiraz University and in association with International student office, these courses give you an unique hands-on opportunity  to introduce you to skill and techniques designed to develop your writing, reading , listening abilities and open you to a world of linguistic creativity.

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See the country through a brand new lens, by visiting Iran’s FAJR film, theater and music  festivals. Tehran, Isfahan , Shiraz all host festivals that provide a bevy of delights for any movie-maven.

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   Iran Photo shooting

A great opportunity to travel to Iran for Photo shooting. There are numerous cultural, historical, religious, natural resources that you can take advantage . Photography in Iran is fascinating .

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   Sufi path
Visiting the Khaneqah and Monasteries of of Iran dervish and Sufis is the main context of or tour. Kerman is our first destination in the middle of Iran Southern desert areas. we will start or tour paying visit to Shah Nematolah vali Mausoleum ,the Mecca of all Sufis in Iran  . the tour will bring s to different places, as Hafiz in Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Kermanshah and Bastam to see different sights holy for Sufies and to take part in their rituals. Whether you are interested in Sufism, anthropology,  Art , religion, fascinating local customs or cuisine, IRAN TRAVELING CENTER has all of this and more just waiting to be discovered…
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   Off the beaten path in Iran 
Great places , direct touch with Iranian life.

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isfahan esfahan iran    The colors of Beauty

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