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Iran Nomad Tribes Tour in 15 Days

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Living & Migration along with Qashqai’s Nomad Tribes

These Turkish-speaking tribesmen representing a dominant ethno-linguistic The Lursare group, and historically the most important political leverage, dwell among the high mountains of Fars province. Traditionally, they wintered on pastures in the foothills of the Zagros to south and west of Shiraz, near the Persian Gulf, and moved north to the mountains in the spring. Their dress is almost the same as that of the Bakhtiaris, except for the hat, which resembles Napoleonic headgear.

We will have a 15 day tour along with their migration route from lowlands of Fars province to highlands around Yasooj and Eqlid. We will see how this group of people has preserved their way of living for thousands of years and how they have come to a great coexistence with the nature and environment.

We will get to learn of their costumes and traditions, we see their dances, ceremonies, weddings…etc.

Day 1
Arrival to Tehran Airport early morning, meet an assist at airport by your tour guide. Transfer to hotel. O/N Tehran.

Day 2
AM: Visiting the Anthropological Museum.
PM: Fly to Shiraz. O/N Shiraz.

Day 3
AM: Leaving for Firouz Abad, living with the tribe.
PM: O/N in tents.

Day 4
AM: Visiting Tang-e High-gher, living with the tribe and staying in tents.
PM: O/N in tents.

Day 5
AM: Leaving for Parishan Lake.
PM: O/N in tents.

Day 6
AM: Visiting Tang-e Chowgan, Bishabour and the temple of Anahita.
PM: O/N in tents.

Day 7
AM: Traveling along with the tribes via Kotal-e Pirezan, Dasht-e Barm.
PM: O/N in tents.

Day 8
AM: Traveling along with the tribes, passing Kotal-e Dokhtar.
PM: O/N in tents.

Day 9
AM: Visiting Dasht-e Arjan, travelling along with tribes.
PM: O/N Shiraz.

Day 10
AM:Seeing the attractions in the city, stay at a 5-star hotel.Lunch

Day 11
AM: Visiting the Bamoo National Park and Persepolis, Margoon Waterfall.
PM: O/N Yasouj.

Day 12
AM: Visiting the Khersan River, The Dena protected Area and seeing the Boir-Ahmad Nomads.
PM: O/N Yasouj.

Day 13
AM: Visiting Mehr-e Gerd, Shahreza, going sightseeing and shopping for the Nomadic products.
PM: O/N Isfahan.

Day 14
AM: Sight-seeing in Isfahan.
PM: leaving for Tehran by air. O/N Tehran.

Day 15
Transfer to airport for departure flight.
End of tour.