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The mountains of Iran which are the most beautiful & distinct features of the country, is covered more than half of Iran. There is no doubt about influence of these mountains over the climate & their beauty & attractiveness will dazzle the eyes of any observer & arouse the admiration of any visitors.
There are two massive ranges in Iran. The Alborz range runs west to East and the Zagross Northwest to Southeast. The Alborz, with its Eastern extensions and the Zagross merging into the Makran range, from a giant supine V which encloses the vast and roughly triangular area constituting Iran’s central plateau. The Alborz slopes vegetation in the North & South is quite different.
We invite you to join us in the routes to enjoy the nature, people & create a memorable journey in your life. There are several packages that can be combined with short cultural and sightseeing tours encompassing Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd, the marvels of Persia.

Samamoos Mountaine in Alborz rang, passing nice village “Javaherdeh” and Caspian Sea:

(Samamoos Summit 3680 m)

In this mountaineering, we will introduce you to the old villages and the magnificent mountains of Alborz range. The perspective of seeing the intact nature’s beauty, having the opportunity in meeting the aboriginal people of Alborz range. You will have the opportunity to visit the Shrine on the peak of “Samamoos” mountain.
After reaching to summit and enjoying there, descending and visit the seaside towns of Caspian sea and can stay in some comfortable villas, after resting, drive back to Tehran.

Alborz Rang (Shah-Moalem Mountain) Visiting the Historical Village Masooleh and Caspian Sea:

(Shah-Moalem Summit 3050 m)

We drive from Tehran to Zanjan city by road and start to mountaineering expedition at the foot of magnificent Alborz range. After passing the untouched villages and high walking to mountainous areas, ascending to “Shah-moalem” summit and camp there. In descending we pass through dense forests and visit the ancient castle “Ghal-e-Roodkhan” and after some hours hiking through forest, finish the mountaineering and drive to historical and touristy village”Masooleh” by road, after sightseeing there,
drive back to Tehran.

The Northern slopes are covered with a luxuriant deciduous forest where the Southern were once covered with Juniper forests. In Zagross region, there are two major types of wood, a forest with Persian Oak and a steppe-forest composed of pistachio and almond trees in lower elevations.

Visiting the Dengezloo Cave and Ice Cave:

Joining us in the northern part of Dena’s range mountain, you can see the life of the QashQai nomads and the beauty of 2 different caves. You can reach the “Dengezloo” cave by means of inflated boat. Enjoy diving, without any doubt you are one of the luckiest people who see this cave and continuing hiking, you will reach the height of 3500 meters above sea level and you will see magnificent ice cave. This ice cave is completely all ice. You can join us if you want this exciting sport.

Dena Mountain (Hozdal Summits):

(Hozdal Summit 4250 m, Hara Summit 4150 m, Bijan 1 summit 4260 m, Bijan 2 Summit 4370 m)

If you want to be one of the most outstanding mountaineering athletes you can choose this sports, you climb up 9 peaks which measure 4000 meters above sea level in 3 day.
When you reach on the top of the mountain you can see the breathtaking view of 3 provinces namely: Esfahan, Yasouj and the Charmahal Bakhtiyari . What’s more you can ask? If you having the guts of strength we encourage you to join this mountaineering program.

West of Dena (Kale-Ghodvays via Sivar):

(Ghodvays Summit 4280 m)

Height 4400 meters above sea level , you can find it eastern side of Dena. In this mountain climbing you will find the privilege to see the mountainous villages and meet the Turkish nomads who are staying in the foot of Dena mountains and you will enjoy and feel deep in your heart the joy of mountain climbing and again from there your eyes will see the natures color, spring water and the virgin mountain.
You will never forget in all your life the sweet memories of Dena mountain climbing.

Central Dena:

(Bijan 3 Summit 4450 m)

You will received your prize the time you reach the highest peak of Dena which measure 4000 meters above sea level. And when you reach the peak , stand still for a moment and fell the ecstasy of beauty of nature and shout with all your might, thanks God for all this nature’s beauty. And when you come down, experience the hospitality of the nomads, they will receive you with all their heart, and serve you with homemade cheese and butter with home bake bread. You cannot find this hospitality when you come back to where you belong, the busy city. And we have faith, the time you will leave, you will come back the second time around.

East of Dena Mountain:

(Barf Kermoo Summit 4100 m, Namak Summit 4050 m, Kale Kharman Summit 4190 m)

Mountain range of Dena stretches into 3 directions and direction Where you will mount, is more attractive than any others. With 4 day hiking you can reach this mountain with peak as high as 4000 meters above sea level. In different places of Dena mountain climbing you can find also different kind of medicinal herbs and when you look the other side you can see the breathtaking view of waterfalls, pure spring water and drink mineral water with gusto and the natural refrigerator is one of the most magnificent part of this sport.
(Mountain climbing) and you will never forget the wonderful feeling of this mountain climbing experience.

Dena Mountain Ghalam and Nevel Summits:

(Ghalam Summit 4150 m and Nevel Summit 4120 m)

Dena is the longest and highest range mountains from the Zagross range. In this mountaineering sport we have the most beautiful and breathtaking view and from there you can see the mountainous lakes and you can find different kind of flowers and the more we go higher. You can see one of the most eye catching views of the “Dena” Mountain and be sure from this mountaineering you cannot forget Iran.

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