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Iran Mountaineering tours

Iran Mountaineering tours

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  The Mountaineering and climbing tours in 4 to 8 day packages

The mountains of Iran which are the most beautiful & distinct features of the country , is covered more than half of Iran. There is no doubt about influence of these mountains over the climate & their beauty & attractiveness will dazzle the eyes of any observer & arouse the admiration of any visitors.

There are two massive range in Iran. The Alborz range runs west to East and the Zagross Northwest to Southeast. The Alborz , with its Eastern extensions and the Zagross merging into the Makran range , from a giant supine V which encloses the vast and roughly triangular area constituting Iran’s central plateau. The Alborz slopes vegetation in the North & South are quite different.
We invite you to join us in the routes to enjoy the nature , people & create a memorable journey in your life.


There are several package that can be combined with short cultural and sightseeing tours encompassing Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd,

the marvels of Persia.

and the hidden pleasures of the …  

View a detailed day-by-day itinerary for this tour, or click below to preview activitiesfor individual day:


Options Tour duration summits
Option1 Samamoos Mountaine in Alborz rang , passing nice village”Javaherdeh”and Caspian Sea (in 7 day) “Samamoos” Summit (3680 m) ,
Option 2 Alborz rang (shah-moalem Mountain) Visiting the historical village”Masooleh” and Caspian Sea (in 7 day) “Shah-moalem” Summit (3050 m) ,
Option 3 Visiting the Dengezloo cave and Ice cave (in 5 day) “Dengezloo” Cave and “Ice” Cave , (3500m)
Option 4 Dena Mountain (Hozdal summits) (in 4 day) “Hozdal” Summit(4250 m) ,”Hara” Summit(4150 m) and “Bijan 1″ Summit(4260 m) ,”Bijan 2″ Summit(4370 m) ,
Option 5 West of Dena (Kale-Ghodvays via sivar) (in 5 day) “Ghodvays” Summit (4280 m) ,
Option 6 Central Dena (Bijan-3 summit) (in 4 day) “Bijan-3″ Summit (4450 m) ,
Option 7 East of Dena Mountain (Barf_kermoo ,Namak and Kal-Kharman summits) (in 4 day) “Barf-kermoo” Summit(4100 m) and “Namak” Summit (4050 m) and “Kale-kharman” Summit(4190 m)
Option 8 Dena Mountain Ghalam and Nevel summits (in 4 day) “Ghalam” Summit (4150 m) and “Nevel” Summit(4120 m)
Land-only package includes:

  • All Airport transfers
  • 4 to 8-Night tour with accommodation tent and camping facilities.
  • All Breakfasts,  lunches,  dinners including Welcome dinner and Farewell dinner
  • Guided Tours in each city 8am-4pm
  • Full-day tour of Tehran and Yazd
  • Free at leisure and independent de tours as case may arise
  • Half-day shopping excursion to Bazaars in Shiraz and Isfahan
  • 3 Private Walking Tours in Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd
  • Entrance fees to all Museums and sites in the itinerary
  • Transportation as per itinerary in private luxury mini-bus/private Car.
  • Guides in  English/ French/ Spanish /German/ Iranian/ Japanese/ Chinese and Arabic based on the request
  • Domestic flights based on the itinerary.


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::  Tour Duration: 1 to 8 day

::  Scheduled Dates: 01/01/2008 – 01/01/2009At the start , middle and end of each month

* If your group is more than 8 people or you want to travel independently you can select a Start Date that is more convenient for you.

::  Minimum Number of Participant:1
::  Maximum Number of Participant: 10

Price doesn’t include International air tickets. Ask for flight arrangements and air rates. Reservations will be granted in the order in which they are received. We recommend and can provide trip insurance.
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