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Iran and Iraq Tour Package

Iran and Iraq Tour Package

The Iraq and Iran Tour package in 20 to 25 day :: Iran and Iraq holy site tour in 20 days

Tehran Isfahan Shiraz
Persepolis Maryam Church Aliquippa
33 Pol ridge El Goli Tabriz Bazaar Isfahan
Jameh Mosque Lutfollah Mosque Menar Jonban 
  Tabriz bazaar Vank cathedral Hasht Behesht
Chehel Sotun Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat Passargad
Kabood mosque Kandovan Persian Architecture
  The Iraq and Iran Tour package in 20 to 25 day

This truly is a journey of a lifetime!! Our 20-day program takes us to the dawn of history and the first civilization* on earth, that flourished between and beyond the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers 5,500 years ago. We will experience the history, culture and relics of the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, and the Hatra, Hilla and Ukhaider peoples on our overland journey through Jordan and Iraq. Historical sites like Babylon, Samara, Nimrud, Nineveh, Ukhaider, Ur, Qurna (Garden of Eden) are well covered.We will also visit some of the Medieval Islamic settings immortalized in the Arabian Nights as well as Kerbala, Najaf, Mosul, Basra, Kufa and Baghdad. Our historical trail to the “land where it all began” will take us to such fantastic sites as Ur, capital of the first empire and birthplace of Prophet Abraham, the legendary hanging gardens of Babylon and Eden and the Ummayad Mosque which houses the head of John the Baptist. This carefully tailored program attempts to prove Ben Johnson’s famous saying, “To be tired of Iraq is to be tired of life”. The itinerary has also been tailored to accommodate those who would like to extend their journey with stays in Iran or Syria and Lebanon and Jordan.


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View a detailed day-by-day itinerary for this tour, or click below to preview activitiesfor individual day:
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Land-only package includes:

  • All Airport transfers
  • 20 to 25-Night tour with accommodation in double occupancy.
  • based on request we can change your accommodations¬† to 1 through 5 star hotels.
  • 25 Breakfasts, 25dinners including Welcome dinner and Farewell dinner
  • Guided Tours in each city 8am-4pm
  • Full-day tours.
  • Free at leisure and independent de tours as case may arise
  • Half-day shopping excursion to Bazaars i.n Shiraz and Isfahan
  • 15 Private Walking Tours.
  • Entrance fees to all Museums and sites in the itinerary
  • Transportation as per itinerary in private luxury mini-bus/private Car.
  • Guides in¬† English/ French/ Spanish /German/ Iranian/ Japanese/ Chinese and Arabic based on the request
  • Domestic flights based on the itinerary.
  • Visa
  • Insurance


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::  Tour Duration: 20 to 25 day

::  Scheduled Dates: 01/01/2008 Р01/01/2009At the start , middle and end of each month

* If your group is more than 8 people or you want to travel independently you can select a Start Date that is more convenient for you.

::  Minimum Number of Participant:1
::  Maximum Number of Participant: 10

Price doesn’t include International air tickets. Ask for flight arrangements and air rates. Reservations will be granted in the order in which they are received. We recommend and can provide trip insurance.
:: Contact us

Price per person Guesthouse package One star hotel package Two Star Hotel Package Three Star Hotel Package Four & Five star Hotel Package
1  to 4 person:
5 to 10 people
10 to 16 people:

Join other IRAN TRAVELING CENTER customers on one of our “Small Group¬†Tours”! .This option is prefect for those who want to be in a group tour package. Each small group contains no more than 16 and no less than 2¬† participants, except those who rather to travel in a solo private guided tour. Your chosen date will be confirmed only if there will be at least 2 or more people interested in the same date. You will be notified about the status of your tour at least 30 day in advance. All¬† charges will be refundable to you in regard to this tour unless the minimum number of participants for this tour is reached and you are totally sure you wanted to join your tour. But still if at any point prior to 3 week until your tour date , you decided to cancel , we will refund you in full.

Because of the nature of shared tours departure times are fixed and cannot be altered. please be advised that if you change your travel date without prior notice, you will lose your reservation and any possibility of a refund.
Services included: 

:: Tourist Visa

::¬†Guide( English/ French/German/Spanish/Japanese…etc speaking)

:: Hotel accommodations

:: Transfers &  Driver

:: Meals

:: Air tickets/ Train/ Ferry

:: Insurance

:: Entrance fees

:: Tips

:: Guided tours and Excursion



Price per person: $250

Traveling alone? Tight budget? Want to explore the country on your own way, love to improvise !. Enjoy the same quality of full guided tour service and save a lot !We will get your visa,¬† help you to design your tailor-made itinerary, assist you¬† to chose your accommodations everywhere , doing research and give you tips, discuss the need for guided tours in any city, hock you up with right guides or good drivers ,wherever you need.For all that, what we get is the visa service fee and a consultant fees. This in turn¬† however would eventually save you lots of intrinsic¬† hassles that such a travel would have for anyone, especially in Iran and of course¬† hundreds of dollars, which otherwise would be paid for things, which really don’t¬† needed to incurred at all. So let us know if you are interested.

This option is available for all tours, all classes of passengers and budget, there is no time limitation for starting your tour *

:: Why does Iran Traveling Center charge for trip planning services?


Price per person: $60

Nowaday there are many tourists that tell they would rather simply to just get their visa through us and then manage their travel arrangements independently, while traveling. We recognize and always have welcomed this notion. On our turn we would also do our best to serve this group of tourist as efficiently as possible. so if you happened to be merely interested in getting your visa to Iran through us , please don?t hesitate .We will try to get a tourist visa , valid for up to 30 day travel in Iran for the nominal cost of 60$ per person.

If you are interested in this option ,after letting us more of your travel plan in the follow,  please go ahead and fill out the related visa application form in the following link:

::Visa application form

*100$ Deposit Per Person is charged if you fail to participate in the tour you had  prescheduled based on the date you set.
Name & Surname:
Email Address:
Number of Passengers 1234567891011121314151617181920
Are you interested in a small group tour (option 1). yes
Are you interested in Independent traveling (Option 2). yes
Are you interested just in getting your visa through us (Option 3). yes
Do you prefer to have the above itinerary or rather to have your own tailor-made itinerary be adjusted in some  respects. if yes , please explain it in the follow. yes
Special Hotel Room Requirements: Room :
5 Star4 Star3 Star2 Star1 StarGuesthouseVillaHotel ApartmentNo need for accomodation SingleDoubleTripleSuiteApartmentVillaPrivate House for # of people:    1234567891011121314151617181920
:: All prices are in US dollars.
International orders are welcome!
 Рprefer Single Room (will pay the Upgrade supplement).  Рcontact me for pre/post trip reservations.
Comments and questions or anything at all that can help us to become more familiar with you and your travel plan. this would help us to be more efficient at meeting your travel needs:

Please write these Text & Numbers in the following boxes :Why am is seeing this? In order for us to differentiate the automatically sent spam mails form authentic human filled ones.

If you have an interest in this tour, please contact us for additional information on procedures and costs.

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