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Hiking & Nomad Tours in Iran

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Our focus of attention here is on the 2 short and long term hiking and then a number of Nomad Tours.

Hiking Tours:

The Hiking tours offered are in different length and class. These tours can be adjusted based on your needs and preference as to how much time and effort you would like to invest in your hiking any rate we are here to be good company for you.

Nomad Tours:

Nomads of South West and center of Iran; Qashqae and Bakhtiyari nomads have been living in this region for thousands of years, moving back and forth between highlands and lowlands of Zagros in different seasons. They main preoccupations in doing this very long migration is to make sure their livestock have enough food. We will accompany them to see their traditions and life during their migration. There are different clans and tribes who have their own particular route and destination in this odyssey. We chose the best for you. You will enjoy being with the nomads and doing an intense hiking during the tour.