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 Quintessence of Persia in 9 Days


While Isfahan and Shiraz are two of the most popular destinations for tourists in Iran,we will have our start in Tehran, a dynamic city with its numerous museums and palaces.


Day 01: Arrival in Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA). Meet with Guide. Transfer to hotel for rest. The city will be added if the time allows.
O/N Tehran

Day 02: visiting Carpet Museum, which has an excellent collection of Iranian hand woven carpets, followed by the Museum of Reza Abbasi. This museum named after the most famous miniaturist in the Safavid era, was opened in 1977. It exhibits artifacts dating back to prehistoric, ancient and Islamic periods and is particularly rich in Islamic calligraphy.
Then visit the Fine Arts and the Archaeological Museums with its fine collection including a stone capital of a winged lion from Susa and a 6th century B.C. audience hall relief of Darius the Great from the Treasury at Persepolis. The museum has items dating back from the Sumerian Period (4500 B.C.) to contemporary times. (B, D)
O/N Tehran

Day 03: Morning visit the Glass and Ceramic Museum and Sa’dabad Palace. National treasury museum with its unique collection of jewelryis going to be our next destination before heading to Tehran Jamshidieh park for a stroll and get to see the more of Tehran in a leisurely place and get to talk to people .
Late afternoon transfer to the airport for our flight to Shiraz, traditionally known as the city of Roses and Nightingales.
O/N Shiraz

Day 04: Shiraz is the capital of the cultural capital of Iran. Our visit today will include the Eram Garden, the tombs of Saadi and Hafiz – two of the most well-known Persian poets, Nasirol-Molk Mosque and the Shiraz famous Bazaar with its exotic collection of handicrafts and carpets.
Visit Afif-Abad Garden,and the Shrine of Shah-Cheragh.
O/N Shiraz

Day 05: Morning excursion to Persepolis, which in Greek literally means the capital of Persia, 60 KM north of Shiraz. Persepolis is the last and final ultimate expression of the ancient Middle East. Construction began by Darius the Great (521 – 468 B.C.) as the focus of the mighty Achemenian Empire nearly 2500 years ago.
In the afternoon visiting Vakil complex (Bath, Citadel and Bazaar).
O/N Shiraz

Day 06: Early in the morning drive to Isfahan, another highlight city. Visiting Madressah Chahrbagh – which was the pride of the last Safavid King, Shah Sultan Hussein, a devout Muslim ruler, Hasht Behesht Palace (built in 1680 A.D. during the rule of Suleiman II.
O/N Isfahan

Day 07: Visiting the Armenian Vank Church, Friday Mosque and the famous bridges. In the afternoon visiting Chehel Sutoon Palace (40 pillars) built by Shah Abbas as a hall of audience and visit what definitely a most famous bazaar in Iran. Birds garden will be next destination of today.
O/N Isfahan

Day 08: Today visit includes Imam Square (Naqsh-e- Jahan) with its Sheikh Lotfollah and Imam Mosques, Aliqapu Palace.
O/N Isfahan

Day 09: Drive to Tehran with a stop at Kashan, an attractive oasis town, and take in its attractive sights. We visit Tabatabaie Houses and Khan-e Borujerdi, built as a private residence, now a charming museum with a lovely courtyard.
Transfer to the airport for the departure flight.



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