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Persepolis Maryam Church Aliquippa
33 Pol ridge El Goli Tabriz Bazaar Isfahan
Jameh Mosque Lutfollah Mosque Menar Jonban 
  Tabriz bazaar Vank cathedral Hasht Behesht
Chehel Sotun Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat Passargad
Kabood mosque Kandovan Persian Architecture

  The Enchanting Persia in 12 day
This tour traces the history of Persia from the pinnacle of its power during the Imperial period until its decline and fall. We will see the glories of ancient Persia, the developments of Islamic ear till contemporary

time , with a unique approach in having a balanced paced tour to visit many places.

  we will have our start in Tehran , a dynamic city with its numerous museums and palaces , then we move to shiraz known as the cultural capital of Iran. on our way we explore Isfahan with its rich Islamic- Persian architecture and historical site, Yazd , Kashan and Abyaneh would take us back to the time and show how humans not only master a harsh environment but also produced a rich civilization in the middle of desert.  


This package is an exclusive 8-night/9-day tour of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan , Abyaneh and Yazd, the marvels of Persia. with 5 different options for extension or substitution.

and the hidden pleasures of the …   Read More details>>


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