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Tomb of Hafez in Shiraz

The city of Shiraz located in south west of Iran is called the city of roses, gardens and literature. The reason for its name can be traced back to the numerous gardens present inside the city since many years ago. Saadi and Hafiz Shirazi, two world-renowned poets have been the cause for naming this city “the city of literature”. The love poems of Hafiz with their mystical interpretations which can be specifically assigned to anybody when reading the poems. In fact, his nice poems are generally addressing all individuals who are reciting the pleasant verses.

Hafiz which means the memorizer of Quran was born in 1326 A.D. in Shiraz. He did not travel to many countries like Saadi of Shiraz, but his poetic works were inspirations from God. During his fruitful life he wrote a book of love poems which is called his “Divan” and after his death he became famous for this book which is full of sentiments and emotions. He had a strong belief in Sufism and their ideas and he believed that life is too short and human beings should enjoy their lives so that they will not regret anything. Hafiz and his beliefs was greatly admired by Goethe, the great modern German literature genius. After his death in 1477, a dome was constructed over his tombstone. The water from Rokni Qanat fed the pool around his graveyard. In 1810, the great and kind Persian king, Karim Khan-e of Zand, ordered to construct a glorious edifice beside the tomb of Hafiz which consisted of a hall with four high monolithic pillars and a large garden.It’s tombstone had a construction with eight pillars set up above it and these eight pillars show that he lived during the eighth century based on the lunar or Islamic calendar. Finally a marble stone was put on top of his grave. On this marble stone one of the famous poems of Hafiz is transcribed in an elegant writing script. Nowadays the people who believe in Sufism travel from around the world and come to visit this place as a pilgrimage site. Moreover, the local people of Iran use his poems to foretell them their fortunes by choosing a poem randomly and interpreting it.One of his most famous and meaningful poems is carved very nicely in calligraphy writing script on his tombstone. Below is a detailed description of this song in English:

On the day of my death ,give me a minute’s time to set eyes on thee,
Then, from the world and life, I will be set free.

The French architect, Andre Godard, designed the existing building. Its plan was put into operation with efforts made by Ali Asghar Hekmat in 1936 AD. This place has been the pilgrimage place of the lovers from different parts of the world and the Qibla of mystics.


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Visiting time  from 8:00 A.M. to 22:00 P.M.

Entrance fee: About 6 US$

Address:Shiraz, between Adabiat Square and Hafezieh Square, across from Hafez Stadium

Hafez Tomb to Jahan Nama Garden.8 min.Walk.

Hafez Tomb to Eram Garden.12 Car.
Hafez Tomb to Vakil Mosque.15 Car.

Hafez Tomb to Nasir Al_Mulk Car.

Hafez Tomb to Persepolis.54 Car.

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Hafez,the National Poet of Iran

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