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Duration: 17 Days
Location: Tehran, Yasuj
Price: On Request

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Botany Tour in Iran in 17 Days is one of our possibility to have some amazing Botanical Parks in Iran. National Botanical Garden of Iran is a Botanical Garden in Tehran, Iran. Its area is about 150 hectares and is planned to be the main center for horticulture and plant taxonomy in Iran. A herbarium of Iranian plants (TARI) is gradually being built up and now consists of some 160,000 numbers. Also there are gardens of non-Iranian plants such as Himalayan, American, Japanese, African, and Australian.

The garden also contains an arboretum, Six lakes, hills (to represent the Alborz and Zagros mountains and Himalayas), rock garden, a waterfall, a wetland, desert plants areas, a salt lake and a wadi, a river about 1 km long, systematic area, fruit garden, picnic area with some pavilions and other facilities. The botanical and horticultural library has more than 11,000 volumes.

And now Botany Tour in Iran in 17 Days Tour itinerary;

Day 1
Location: Tehran
Arrival to Imam International Airport, meet an assist by your tour guide. Transfer to Hotel.
Overnight: Tehran

Day 2
Location: Tehran
Tehran palaces tour; includes: Golestan Palace, Saadabad Palace and Niavaran Palace.
Overnight: Tehran

Day 3
Location: Tehran
Eco tour; includes: Excursion to visit Khojir National Park which is located at Tehran East (22 KM) and is one of the older wildlife park in the Iran.
Overnight: Tehran

Day 4
Location: Tehran-Kashan (253 KM)
Early in the morning drive to Kashan.
Kashan tour; includes: Fin Garden, Tabatabayis House, Borujerdis House and Agha Bozorg Mosque.
Overnight: Kashan

Day 5
Location: Kashan-Abyaneh-Isfahan (266 KM)
Leaving for Isfahan and visiting the beautiful village of Abyaneh on the way.
Abyaneh your; includes: Meeting people with traditional and colorful costumes, getting familiar with Abyaneh intact architecture, old houses and wooden doors.
Overnight: Isfahan

Day 6
Location: Isfahan
Eco tour; includes: Excursion to visit Ghamishloo National Park which is located at Isfahan North West (45 KM) and is a semi-desert area that protects many animals, reptiles, birds and more than 300 plants species.
Overnight: Isfahan

Day 7
Location: Isfahan-Shiraz (483 KM)
Eco tour; includes: Excursion to visit Kolah Ghazi National Park which is located at Isfahan South East (36 KM) and is a protected area host of 17 mammals species, 11 reptiles species, 46 birds species and more than 250 plants species.
Overnight: Shiraz

Day 8
Location: Shiraz
Eco tour; includes: Excursion to Arjan Protected Area (Dasht Arjan or Arjan Plain) which is located at Shiraz West (60 KM). Dasht Arjan is one of the most beautiful geological phenomena in the world! And also have a visit to natural and historical Tang Chogan near Bishapour ancient city.
Overnight: Shiraz

Day 9
Location: Shiraz
Eco tour; includes: Visiting Bamou National Park which is located at Shiraz North (43 KM) and is very attractive in springs with different flower and plants species.
Persepolis tour; includes: Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid) and Necropolis (Naqsh-e Rustam)
Overnight: Shiraz

Day 10
Location: Yasouj
Eco tour; includes: Visiting Dena Protected Area which is located at Yasouj North and is a mountainous region with many water springs and perfect weather.
Overnight: Yasouj

Day 11
Location: Shiraz
Shiraz city walking- tour includes: Shahcheragh Holly Shrine, Jame Mosque, Nasir Almolk Mosque, Narenjestan House & Garden, Zinat Almolk House & museum.
Overnight: Shiraz

Day 12
Location: Shiraz
Eco tour; includes: Visiting Maharlou Lake which is located at Shiraz Sout East (18 KM).
And then leaving for Bahram-e Goor Protected Area located at East part of Fars Province, observing Iranian Wild animals.
Overnight: Khabr

Day 13
Location: Khabr
Eco tour; includes: Visiting Khabr National Park which is located at Kerman South West, observing Wild Sheep, Goat, Jebir Gazelle, birds and reptiles of the area.
Overnight: Khabr

Day 14
Location: Kerman
Eco tour; includes: Visiting Nomad of the Afshari Tribe. Then leaving for Kerman.
Overnight: Kerman

Day 15
Location: Kerman
Kerman city tour; includes: Ganjali Khan Complex (Square, Bathhouse, Bazar, Caravanserai, Mosque and Mint)
Overnight: Kerman

Day 16
Location: Kerman
Mahan tour includes: Shazde Garden, Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine, Lut Desert, Rayen Citadel and Shahdad Desert (Kalouts).
Overnight: Kerman

Day 17
Location: Kerman-Tehran (994 KM)
Flight to Tehran; transfer to Imam International Airport for departure flight.