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Iranian food kebab
Duration: 10 Days
Location: Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan, Tehran
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10 Days Delicious Persian Tours in Iran

Day 1
Flight to Shiraz early in the morning. You will meet and assist with our tour guide at the airport, transfer to hotel and check in.
Then you will have city walking tour include:

  • Nasir-ol-Molk mosque
  • Narenjestan garden
  • Zinat Al Molk House & Museum
  • Vakil bazaar and Saraye Moshir

During your city walking tour you will visit Noodle workshop of “Faloude” (a world-re known desert that consists of starch, rosewater, sugar)
After that you will have a leisurely evening and rest.

Day 2
Early in the morning you will visit the traditional bakery of “Sangak and Barbari”
And tomb of Hafez and Saadi, Seyyed Aladdin shrine. Then you will go shopping with Afi for your culinary workshop. All your evening will be allocated to your culinary experience.
Cook with Afi in her kitchen .It consists of a traditional Iranian beverage (Sharbat), a starter. 4 main course( the traditional Shirazian rice ,Kalampolo) (okra stew ,Khoreshte Bamiye) (eggplant puree ,rice and chicken or meat , Halim bademjan) (Fish & Herbs ,Mahi ba Hashu) (plain rice ,Dami) (Date and walnuts, Ranginak).

Day 3
Drive outside Shiraz to Yazd. On the way you will have Persepolis tour includes:

  • Persepolis (UNESCO world heritage)
  • Naqsh-e-Rostam
  • Pasargadae including Tomb of Cyrus the Great

And near Yazd:

  • Abarkooh ice house
  • Abarkooh ancient Cypress tree
  • Gonbad-e-Ali tomb tower

In Yazd
Day 4
In the first day of visiting Yazd you will visit:

  • Towers of Silence
  • Varahram fire temple
  • Dowlat Abad garden
  • City walk of Yazd

After that you will visit traditional bakery and crisped bakery and having a visit of sesame pulverization manufactory and “Arde” (sesame paste)

Day 5

  • Fahadan ancient quarter
  • Yazd Friday mosque
  • Water museum
  • Mir Chakhmaq tekieh
  • Bazaar of Yazd

While walking through bazaar of Yazd you will visit Hana pulverization and spices shop, confectionary and its workhouse
And in the evening you will have your dinner with a Yazdi family to know about the famous hospitality of this region.

In the morning your trip to Isfahan will be commenced. In the route via Naein and Maybod, where you will visit:

  • Narin Fortress
  • Meybod caravansary
  • Meybod icehouse
  • A pigeon tower
  • A mailing house (Chapar Khaneh)

Proceed to Nain to visit:
• Nain Friday Mosque
Continue driving to Isfahan. In Isfahan visit:
• Si-o-Se Pol (Allah Verdi Khan) Bridge
• Khajoo bridge

Day 6

  • Chehel Sotun palace
  • Meidan-e-Emam (Naqsh-e-Jahan Square)

Imam Khomeini mosque
Then for experience Iranian traditional beverages you will have a rest in a SHARBAR SARA

  • Sheikh Lotfollah mosque
  • Alighapoo palace
  • Qeysariyeh bazaar

While walking through Qeysarieh bazaar and after enjoying Handicraft workshops you will visit “Gaz” and “Sohan” manufactory (Isfahan souvenir), rock candy and “Poolaki”, and Spice shops.
Day 7
Early in the morning you will see the traditional Esfahanian breakfast shop (Depending on season: “Halim and Adas”,” Aash”,” Fereni”, “Samanoo”)

  • Jolfa Armenian quarter
  • Vank cathedral
  • Drive to Kashan

In Kashan

  • Tabatabaee house
  • Fin garden
  • Kashan “Baklava” and cookie workhouse.

Visiting Stone mill which is used for grinding spices, cinnamon stick, turmeric, peppercorn in Kashan traditional grand bazaar.

Day 8
In the morning you will visit the bazaar “Kalle pache” shopThen you will have a workshop in order to learn how to cook “Shefte somagh”, “Baghali polo”
After that:

  • Hammam of Sultan Amir Ahmad
  • Ancient city walk

Then visiting Rose water extraction workhouse to sense how rose productions such as oil, perfume… are produce.

Day 9
Drive to Tehran. In route, visit Qom to see:

  • Masoumeh shrine
  • A short excursion around Qom

In Tehran:

  • Visiting Darband, Imamzade Saleh and Tajrish traditional bazaar

Then you will have a family dinner to touch Iranian life style
Day 10
In the morning you will visit Turkey Halim shop and “Kalle pache” shop and then

  • Golestan palace compound
  • National Museum
  • Treasury of national jewels or the Carpet Museum

Transfer to IKA. Fly out.


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