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It is highly recommended to bring a copy of an update travel guide book with you. Lonely Planet has done a great job in putting together a good travel guide to Iran.

But hiring a local guide can be a very smart move, especially if you are into dipper levels of insight and information than a guide book offers you. Usually hiring a guide would cost you around 15 $ a day. Isfahan and Shiraz are places that probably you need one.

Guide also can come vital , when you need to go off the beaten roads, or far out of the town for hiking , mountaineering. Hire a guide for half day for about 6 $ and if you like it then keep them.

American passengers have to have guide with them while traveling in Iran, that is something that you can not get around it. the reason is that the government doesn’t like to get into some unwanted controversy, lets say some missing American or some American taking picture from some where that he or she should not. Well, or at least that is what we go to believe in.


:: Activities:


Caspian sea and Persia gulf beaches in Kish Island arte perhaps the only ones that you might ant to try. there are segregation policy to separate male and female swimmers in public beaches and No you not be totally nude. however if you happen to go somewhere that is not a public beach , then maybe you wont need to be too much worry about the segregation.

- Mountaineering In Iran:

There are off a lot great place to got for all kind of mountaineering. Check out mountaineering tours list to check for yourself places that you can go based on the level of your expertise and season of the year. Damavand is the tallest mountain in Iran .

- Skiing in Iran:

Dizin is perhaps the best place you can go skiing.  Darband, Shemshak and Tochal are closer ones to Tehran. Ski season in Dizin is from end of October till Mid April. Dizin have all what it takes to be a grade A slope. It is actually an international slope , where grass ski competitions are carried out during the summer. Dizin located at around 12 kms from Tehran. There are lifts in the slope and a couple good hotels. there are also shops where you can rent ski gear.





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