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 by Luis Ferreira

::  Learn about the possibility of bringing your family to Iran.

Your kids would love it here. they are going to gain a better understanding from the world, as much form diversity and differences as human commonalities and shared hopes and values .You are going to do a big favor to your family members by giving the chance to see a first hand account of one of the most important countries in the Middle east, a place that directly or indirectly would affect their lives.

There are numerous ancient and historical sites to visit, old bazaar and market places with amazing grace and endless maze of covered aisles, lights sun light shining from the holes in the domes all over the place and creating a mystique sense of merge of time and place , great museums where they can learn about history and art. “Elm va Tajrobe” is the Persian word for “Learning and Experiencing” and you’ll find the importance of Elm va Tajrobeh that your family and kids are going to get during your stay. In this ever integrating and multi cultural world village , we need to learn from watch other and pass our experiences to  future generations.




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