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   KISH :

Kish is Located on the north east of the Persian Gulf with a minimum distance of 17 km from the southern offshore of the mainland Iran, the Kish island with an area of 90 square kilometres is one of the most marvelous and most beautiful regions of the Persian Gulf and has attracted the attention of many tribes and nations since times immemorial. Oval in shape, the island is 15 km long and 8 km wide. The island is largely flat, sandy and uncultivated, with a high point of 45 meters above sea level. Although very hot and humid in summer, it has got a pleasant weather from about November to March, with an annual average temperature of 27 degrees centigrade. Its beautiful coast is covered with white silvery sand washed by azure blue waves of the sea. Already a famous island, Kish owes it present flourishing to its status as Irans first and, for a long time, the only free port, and its sweet water.

Kish has a long history of about 3, 000 years, being called under various names such as Kamtina, Arakia, Arakata, and Ghiss in the course of time. The island was known for the quality of its pearls; when Marco Polo was visiting the imperial court in China and remarked on the beauty of those worn by one of the Emperors wives, he was told that they had come from Kish. The island fell into decline in the 14th century when it was supplanted by Hormoz. It remained obscure until just before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, when it was developed as an almost private retreat for the Shah and his privileged guests, with its own international airport, palaces, luxury hotels and restaurants and even a grand casino. Shortly after the Revolution the new government appointed a very abled team of managers under Kish Free Zone Organization, KFZO, (formerly KIDO, Kish Island Development Organization) to establish Kish as a free zone, taking advantage of the facilities already in place.

kish iran

Kish Island
kish iran island

Kish Iran


Annual Temperature average:

17.7  18.9  23.2  23.6  29.6  33.1  34.0  33.5  31.8  28.6  23.6  18.8


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Diving in Kish:

We invite you to discover the wonders of the pristine aquatic world beneath the beautiful waters of Iran’s Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, along our PADI certified staff. contact us for related arrangements.

PADI being the Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the fastest growing popular scuba diving certification system in the world, with over ten million members.

cariz kish iran

Underground Town of Cariz 

The Kish qanat is more than 2,500 years old, and currently it has been converted into an underground town at a depth of 16 meters below the surface, with an area of more than 10,000 sq m.

In the reconstruction of this qanat named Cariz, spaces have been allocated to handicraft stalls, restaurants and traditional teahouses, amphitheaters, conference centers, and art galleries. Efforts have been made to preserve the traditional and historis fabric of the site.

cellar kish

Ancient water cellars

The inhabitants of Kish, in the past, used a kind of traditional storage system to gather rainwater. These storages were dug in the ground and built with a domed roof. With the emergence of water desalination facilities, these storages lost their significance. But their remnants are still an interesting site for tourists to visit.

harrireh kish city island persian gulf

The Ancient Town of Harireh

Most probably the ancient town of Harireh is the same town mentioned by the renowned Persian poet Saadi in his book Golestan.

According to the writings of Iranian and Arab historians, the town of Harireh had been located in the center of the northern part of the island, where the ruins of the city can be seen today.

Visiting this ancient town is an opportunity to get acquainted with the islands history while having a nice time at the Green Tree Recreational Complex, situated near the ancient city.

kish sport swim dive
Sports Complexes

The Olympic complex is the largest in Kish. It is comprised of a football field, tennis courts, swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts and facilities for many other sports. For easy access to sports facilities, 4 volleyball courts have also been built in different locations. Four additional small and standard size football fields are also available. These are situated near Marjan Bazaar, Saffain District, The Water & Electricity Supply Co. and the Art Center.

Cycling Track

Kish island has over 50 km cycling track, which stretches all around the island .Cycling is a popular sport in Kish and public cycling day are arranged by K.F.Z.O. in order to encourage people to cycle. Also private regular and electric bike rental stations are available.

Glider flights

Kish Gliding School opened in 1996. It is one the branches of Civil Aviation Training Center (C.A.T.C) which is a member of International Civil Aviation Organization (I.C.A.O). It issues flying licenses and is located in Hormoz square.

Horseback riding club

Kish horseback riding club is located in the northern section of the island, in the Olympic village.

Horse-racing is a favorite sport in Kish & races are held throughout wintertime .Kish horseback Riding club has a clinic .

Scuba Diving

Diving is an ideal sport in Kish Island because of the exquisite coral reefs and rare fish species. The Kish Diving School offers also Padi courses with certificate for divers. Interested tourists can experience the world of underwater and its wonders.

Marine Sports Club

This club is located in the north-eastern side of the Island. The modern facilities and marine sports equipment of Kish Marina club include : Jet ski, water ski, parachute, yachts & sailboat, scuba diving and windsurfing, etc.

Tennis courts and Sports Facilities

Sports facilities in Kish are highly revered. Kish Sports Complex has six tennis courts and an international tennis stadium, which is located in the Olympic village at the northern part of the Island.



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General Information:


Bank and exchange office:

Bank Tejarat, Kish Br.
Sanaee Ave.
Kish Island
Tel: (076444) 21548
Fax: (076444) 22127
Tlx.: 212141 TJKI IR
Manager : Mr. A. Bakhshandeh


Main post office:

At Khajoo Meiydan.


Internet & Phone:

Around khajoo square you also would find some internet cafe and long distance telephone places.


Travel agency:

Iran air main office:
Kish Island- Sanayi St. After Bazar Maryam


Sales office Tel:
0764 4422274

Management Office Tel:
0764 4422273

Airport Tel:
0764 4442675



check Kooh -e- Noor restaurnt in Sadaf International Hotel. It is a good option.  While at it, you might also want to look at some of the following ones too:

Goldis, on the ground floor of Goldis Hotel. Tel: 2771-4
Gharch, in Kish Hotel. Tel: 2237
Mir Mohana, on the eastern coast of Kish.
Sahel, consisting of three separate units.
Kakh, good for Iranian and sea foods.
Traditional Tea House and Derakhte Sabz, in the north east of Kish.
Padideh Marjan, next to Marjan Complex and overlooking the sea.
Pars Khalij, the most suitable eating place.


Getting There and Away:


There are numerous daily flights from all over Iran to kish and vice versa. There are also multiple daily flights from Dubai to and from Kish


:: Dariush Grand hotel 5 star
:: Sadaf 5 star
:: Shayan 5 star
:: Maryam 4 star
:: Shaygan 4 star
:: Arian 4 star
:: Ana 4 star
:: Jame Jam 3 star
:: Tamasha hotel apartments 3 star
:: Holiday hotel apartments 3 star
:: Paniz 3 star
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:: Top rose 2 star
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The Historical Monuments:
Ancient Cities and Archaeological Hills
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Fire Temples
Historical Bridges
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The Towns:

Bandar Abbas
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Hadji Abad

Natural Attractions
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The natural attractions:
Springs and Water Treatment Centers
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Altitudes and Summits 

Cities & towns  in vicinity:
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The Art & Culture:

Special Local Ceremonies
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Old Churches


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