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We would like to provide you, with some general information about Iran Hotels. At the bottom of page you have the list of Iran hotels, based on destination.

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Before Booking your Iran Hotels

There is a wide range of choices when choosing your Iran hotels, which range from guest houses and traditional houses to 1-5 star hotels, but its almost safe to say that there are no hostels in Iran. Other options for accommodation such as renting a house or home stay are not encouraged in Iran either. Although we have new hotels that have just opened in Iran, please have in mind that most Iran hotels have been operating for a decade at least, so its better not to expect the newest facilities and technologies. Also while accommodating in Iran Hotels do have in mind that through the past decades these facilities were dominantly used by Iranian guests therefor catered to their needs, so we would recommend to keep your expectations on luxury and convenient tourist services and facilities low.

Although Iran hotels follow the international star rating for hotels, but you may be disappointed if you expect high international standards. It’s not usual to hear that a stay in 4-star hotel was more like a 3-star hotel. Most Iran hotels staff are very welcoming and helpful, you will usually not encounter communication problems in The English language. If you encounter a problem, hotel staff will usually do their best to help you out.

Since 2014 the number of tourists visiting Iran has increased, making it difficult to book Iran hotels. In high seasons, best hotels are booked months in advance. Due to the limited number of rooms which are not increasing with the same rate as the count of tourists, be sure to check and book as soon as your schedule is decided.

Although the internet is widely used in Iran but there is still no online connected booking system for you or anybody to book hotels online, it will be hard to even just compare prices online. Reservations are still traditionally made through operators, even if it seems to be online. Our recommendation to you for best prices are to book your Iran hotels, visa, and other required services for your entire trip, through a reliable travel agencies like Iran Traveling Center, this is the best way of guaranteeing lowest costs all throughout your trip.

Since reservations in Iran are done manually, mistakes happen. So please do book your Iran hotels through a trusted agency. At Iran Traveling Center, although we confirm reservations and always have documentation, we have also encountered mistaken reservations with hotels. In our case due to our 24 hour accessibility, we have always fixed the problem or booked another hotel for our guest in the shortest time.

At Iran Traveling Center, we have more of a decade of experience with Iran hotels, tourist priorities, convenience, and costs. We recommend our clients with best Iran hotel options based on their priorities. We can best help you after you fill out the Hotel info form. For other general inquiries please contact :

We offer you the best Iran hotels reservation lists based on our travelers’ feedback, conformity of hotel services to global standards, and the most reasonable hotel booking rates in Iran. Our operator team will all the time help you in Iran by responding to you as soon as possible with booking the best hotels in Iran. Let us book your stay in the best accommodations of all Iran cities.

Iran Traditional Boutique Hotels

If you are looking for a different and memorable accommodation in Iran, we suggest you to stay at traditional boutique hotels. The beautiful houses that have changed into hotels and with Persian architecture and traditional decoration that will certainly infatuate you. These hotels have preserved their traditional architectural styles and have become so popular among the tourists who seek new and amazing places by adding modern facilities to themselves. These places have typically a nice azure blue pond in the middle with small red fish and beautiful flowers and trees in their yards. You can experience staying at these traditional boutique hotels in the main cities of Iran such as Isfahan, Kashan, Yazd and Shiraz. These traditional houses whose number is growing daily, are the traveling reason of many of the tourists to Iran.

Booking Hotel in Iran?


Accommodations and hotels will have a direct influence on your satisfaction level during your travel to any country. In Iran there are different kinds of accommodation places in addition to the common European accommodation places. For instance, you can stay at 2- to 5-star modern hotels of big cities, traditional boutique hotels, guesthouses, hotel apartments, nomad tents and rocky villages. Thus, you will have a different and memorable experience by choosing to stay in the above mentioned accommodations in Iran.Below you can see a list of the best Iran hotels in different cities.

Some points to mention:

  • Because the reservations in some hotels are being done manually, you should ask your agency to send the hotel voucher for you through email before your trip.
  • Take the high season time periods into consideration. Overall make the hotel reservations of your travel two months before coming to Iran and if your travel time is during high season, do it 6 months before your trip, because due to the hotel limitations most of the hotels are fully booked.
  • Please note that check-in time is around 2 P.M. and check-out time is 12 P.M.
  • Based on your reservation ranking, your hotel and your tourist guide’s hotel may be different. Upon your request, if you would like to have identical reservations, do inform your correspondent.
  • In most of the hotels in Iran there are primary services such as sandals, towels, shampoo, soaps and hair dryers inside the rooms. If there is a need for a special kind of service, please inform us beforehand.
  • For accommodation in the hotel, ID card (Passport) and hotel voucher is necessary.

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